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what about these items in mc side?


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hello devs and gm. i just want to inform you about some issues in mc side .. these is all about those bow, crossbow, bow skins, that got in mc side. is there any chance to sell all of those bow items in a real price? coz we all know mc side cant use bow, then  how about those bow drops from granite guard or in kota? pls gm or devs fix this thing, that dont give bow to mc side or make some way in order to sell this bow items of mine in mc side in a regular price, oooor? u can make a market for those bow in mc side and trade it with items equivalent with its level and its use in mc, for example; i got a runic arbalest then in order to use this item in mc i should trade this to ur specific market with acute gladius or runic staff etc. . thats all thnx and i hope u guys can fix this one plsssss  ::)

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