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  1. only the best rogues now are boneshocker risoka highwalker ahmody iluvweed aureus yanus ... others not mention?? dont be so trying hard to be the best. and dont be so cocky about ur new gears coz someday it will become old and my time will come .
  2. hello devs and gm. i just want to inform you about some issues in mc side .. these is all about those bow, crossbow, bow skins, that got in mc side. is there any chance to sell all of those bow items in a real price? coz we all know mc side cant use bow, then how about those bow drops from granite guard or in kota? pls gm or devs fix this thing, that dont give bow to mc side or make some way in order to sell this bow items of mine in mc side in a regular price, oooor? u can make a market for those bow in mc side and trade it with items equivalent with its level and its use in mc, for example; i got a runic arbalest then in order to use this item in mc i should trade this to ur specific market with acute gladius or runic staff etc. . thats all thnx and i hope u guys can fix this one plsssss
  3. btw.. i have a bd. for me as a bd, i love the new skill rush, but it runs to my mind that it is so imbalanced and unfair for rogues in pvp and in arena. this aoa catches the hide and owning the mcs coz of stun. :facepalm: damn. thats why i stop playing my BLADE DANCER coz i feel like cheating on opposing side. this one really makes all bladedancers happy coz its imbalanced. but if u guys think rogues are noob,ur wrong. coz the real pro is not dependent on his chars IMBALANCED skill like RUSH., i WISH this new skill should be changed its so op. and all bd know it. they had just nothing to do but to be happy and enjoy the skill, my message is ... GM please you should make this game balance for all and not favoring elves and chosen.. COZ THE BDS NEW SKILL RUSH IS SO OP!!!! DAMN STUN!!! AOA !!!! DAMN !!!! :bad: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: when this new skill arrive bds own rogues all the way.. not like before its just fair!!!!!!!!!!!!! imagine hamstring + RUSH is a double stun that makes everyone who pvp bd LOSE!!! damn so OVERPOWERED IMBALANCED NEW SKILL :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  4. yea rogue's can dodge the rush but thats not my point. do rogue's need to change plan by not doin ghost hit? it only pushes them to the weakest pvp style of a rogue. what i mean is. bd have high hp, good dmg, imbalanced long term of disable ham + rush. rush can cancel stealth. do rogues need to fully lvl up ilusive jump just for dmg? for me no! its alot of waste using other skill points. rogue only hope to win against bd is to dodge hamstring coz if not. overpowered stun cant make a rogue use skill nor even do dmg they want till death. that makes the bd imbalanced. if you want to try it . try to use a rogue then pvp a bd then do everything you got and tell me if you win race to 5 against bd. same amp lvl of wep.
  5. all elves are so overpowered now. lets start from bd's ). example a rogue vs bd with the same amp lvl of wep should be match. but not now. bd own everything coz of new skill {rush} or super stun. rogues have nothing to do with there skill {kick in the back} which can do 0% accuracy, its useless coz even a bd got kicked he can still hit a rogue all the way + ham and rush = death. poor rogue. no match. .now for rangers!! they have so imbalanced skill bless. have a higher% chance of makin double or triple or mega hits that can kill anyone in a second. that was so unfair for all mcsaken. priest too have imbalanced skill. warlocks necro are gettimg noob. rogue's kick skill is useless garbage. pls make it a fair game for all. warspear mmorpg world will become unbalanced or dead if all mc turn into elf coz of that problem. hope u devs are listining. thanks. much love and respect.
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