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DK shielder

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Hi, i my name in WS is kullito and i play in EU server.

I see many DK and barbs with shield. so i wanna do one. atm my DKs build is for PvP, i go with spear and offensive skills (thorn lvl 5, exhal lvl 5 , and threads lvl 5).

Now i wanna do a shielder, i got one book of oblivion (gift    :yahoo: ) so i want to know which is the best skill build for a shielder DK and if its possible the equipment.



Thx for all.

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i use lv 5 threads, lv 4 exlation an lv 5 dark shield in last server i joined (Us.Saphire), Dark shield makes strongest tank and many times u hv damage reduced to zero ;)

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