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Legacy, a guild that is a growing force. At the moment we are in a recruiting/building stage. We are a lvl 3 guild with guild skills maxed. Our focus is arena/pvp/advancement. We strive to be the one of the strongest guilds on Sapphire, and we demand respect from our mc brothers and our enemies.



Guild Rules/Requirements

Since we are currently in a recruiting/building stage our requirements for newbies/explorers are low. As of right now every newbie/explorer is required to gain at least 500gp a week. This is subject to change. Another requirement that I am implementing is that all members must register at wearelegacy.guildlaunch.com(site is kinda ugly atm but we are workin on it lol). If you do not have access to a computer or any device that can open this page then we can make an exception. But all guild news/updates/rewards will be announced here. So make sure you stay up to date somehow because ignorance is no excuse. As far as rules go we do not have very many.


1. We do not attack Alumni guild inside pvpcave. Period. They will not attack you and they are not gankers so if you think they are ganking someone you are wrong. If you have issues or questions about Alumni members consult Sapphirex/Sexvixen. She is Alumni Leader.


2. We are not gankers, unless provoked. Even then please consult an Heir or myself.


3. Any guild vs. guild disputes must be brought to me asap. I will talk to opposing leader.


Now this is not saying we wont kill elves outside of cave. We will participate in wars just not pvp cave wars. Outside of pvp cave its fair game.


Pm me ingame my characters are listed below. If im not on pm a member.

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