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Goading Skill Enhancement Suggestion


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I know charmer is a hybrid support class that can be a healer, tanker, damager, or mix of them. But after previous skill updates, physical charmer becomes more popular because of high aoe damage. I rarely find a charmer that becomes a tank on any level dungeon. I think one of the biggest reasons is a weak aggression  skill. Charmer aggression is a quick cast skill like barbarian's aggression, and it often misses, while the cooldown is so long. Since charmer only has one aggression, they can do nothing while waiting for the aggression cooldown, and end up the whole team die. The castle aggression pot helps a lot, but not all people can afford it.


So, my suggestion is to change the goading mechanic. Maybe into an aura like dk or something that continuously attracts all mobs that make charmer easier to tank a lot of mobs for a longer time. When comparing to templar that has sun barrier, instead of slowing the enemies, it will be better if goading can absorb or reduce some percentage of incoming damage based on its magic or physical damage.

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