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Warlocks fixes and small changes on skills


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Warlocks has been forgotten many years ago and its time to make warlocks great again, warlocks user have 2 problems that need to be fixed:

1. The skills dark circle and weakness zone most of the time they have screen bug.

2. The second problem is the parameter resistance, warlocks depends on their stuns but if all skills are resisted there is nothing to do, some clases like blade dancer has resistance skill, resist from rush, resist from crystals, resist from castle scroll, etc. I was thinking the warlock need something that helps vs the resistance for example each time a skill is resisted the warlock can get a defense buff or enemy receive a debuff. Also the warlock has 2 skills that they work together, dark seals and hex, while the silence from hex is active if the enemy is also under dark seal the warlock get 10% dmg reduced when enemy attack, thats very complicated to do cause the enemy can resist u, or stun u and u focus other skills to try to survive, it would be better if all time when enemy its under dark seals he gets dmg reduction when attack the warlock plus its reduce the amount of healing, it would be the perfect defensive skill for a warlock, and the amount of dmg reduced from the enemy's attack get reduced depending on what lvl u make ur skill, nowadays nobody use dark seals, warlocks are good just need a small changes on their skills that helps it to survive vs the big dmg from meeles and resistance.

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