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Don't Get Scammed!

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Hello Warspear Players!

In this topic you will see some of the most popular and effective scamming.


1. ¤¤GM/Admin is chatting with you¤¤

I think that this is the most popular one.So a player with a name like Snorllax,Snorlly,Kuzmiitch etc. Is PM'ing you-"Hello there I am GM/Admin .We've found a bug in your account/We need your account to fix something"




2.Account Trading

I'm sure that you know this trick.

"Hey dude do you want to trade our accounts"

-You WILL be scammed.

-You wont recieve any support because trading is against the EULA!


3.Full Bag Trick

So you see that someone wants to bye something from you.After u start the exchange and you hit the button you will see that his bag iis full.After some more attempts he will put different amount of gold andin most cases you won't see that.




4.I am your old friend

This is also effective scamm.

A guy is PM'ing you that he is your old friend and when you believe him he is starting to ask for gold.


5.I am your Guild Leader


A random player is PM'ing you that he is your guild leader.

He asks you to invitee him in the guild or he wants gold from you.


-If that happens tell him to enter with the acttual guild leader character.



-I hope that this will help you.


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