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Life steal bonus

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Life steal - what it is?



Lifesteal is new rare bonus which you can find in your items. You can’t see it in your character statistic but it exist ;)


How it working?


Опубликованное фотоLifesteal steal enemy hp ;) For each 1% what you have i can get 1% of dealing damage by you to your life. For example you hit enemy by 400dmg and your lifesteal bonus is 5% so u got instant +20hp every hit.  If you attack criticaly for example 700! u got +35hp by this hit. This bonus working with skills and ranger blessing too.


Where can I buy items with this bonus?


Items with lifesteal bonus appeared in halloween event 2013 for the first time at Sam Chain chests(rings, amulets and weapons at 18lvl). Second chance to get items with LS you had at World creation holiday event(13,16,19 lvl capes from envent dungeons). Now you can buy these from other players.

Опубликованное фото


Is there another way to get LS bonus?

Yes, just use special potions which incrase LS bonus by 5%. They are Demonic Potion and Vampire’s Tincture


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


Whatis maximum value of LS?

Now u can wear  two rings 1,1%each, 2h weapon 3,6% (or 1h weapon 1,8% + shield 1,8%), cape 1,3%and amulet 1,8%. It is 8,9% + 5% potion then max is 13,9%.



Some items with LS:

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