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Arena & Miracle Coins for Newbies

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The arena is a feature built into the game that allows players to fight for fame and a currency called arena points. Players can queue up for the arena alone, which will place them on a random team with others from their faction, or they can join a party which allows control over who they enter the arena with. Once a suitable opposing team has been found, each player from both teams will instantly be transported to an arena instance. Teams are placed in separate corners and must then wait 10 seconds before the battle commences. It is only during these 10 seconds that players can drink potions or use scrolls. Once a team eliminates all of the other team's members, the battle is considered won and all players are transported to their original locations. Both the winning and losing team are presented a window rewarding them with arena points, but the winning team will always receive a more substantial amount.


To participate in the arena, players must use what are called arena tickets. Each time a player participates in the arena, a ticket is used up, and once the player uses up all their tickets, they have 3 options:


1: Every 2 hours a free arena ticket is awarded to a player. * Note however the maximum amount of free tickets is 5.

2: Purchase arena tickets using Miracle coins.

3: Purchase arena tickets from other players in game.


There are 3 options to chose from when fighting in the arena:

1: 2 VS 2

2: 3 VS 3

3: 5 VS 5

* If you would like to chose your team members, you must all be in a party together and the party leader has to chose the arena option.


In order to balance the arena, it is split into 5 different level ranges:

1: Levels 4 - 6

2: Levels 7 - 10

3: Levels 11 - 14

4: Levels 15 - 18

5: Levels 19 - 20

* The game may sometimes match players up with different level ranges, but while always maintaining a balance.


Arena points serve two purposes in Warspear:


1: They advance the players Arena Rating, which can be viewed in the character tab.

2: They allow players to purchase items sold by arena suppliers.

* The Gladiator Elixir, which is available from the Miracle Shop, can double the amount of arena points a player receives from participating in the arena, but it's effects only lasts for 1 hour.

* The maximum amount of Arena Points that a character may have is 8000.


Location of Arena Suppliers:

Moraktar - Isle of Forsaken Arena Supplier is located in "The House of Blood Store"

Godgorrath - Isle of Mountain Clans Arena Supplier is located in the "Wolf's Dale" "Store"

Langasard - Isle of Chosen Arena Supplier is located in the "Altgard" "Shop"

Melvendil - Isle of Firstborn Arena Supplier is located in the "Ilhor" "Store"

Irselnort - The Ash Coast has two arena suppliers. One is located in the "Armor Cliff" "Legion Store" and the other is located in the "Kamp-Gasphel" "Sentinel's Store"


Arena Advice:


1: During the 10 second countdown it is always a wise to open up the location tab to see who is in the area. This will allow to you know the names and classes of your opponents.

2: When you queue up for the arena, do not go away from keyboard without cancelling your arena request.

3: There are players in the arena that will have amplified their equipment, but do not get frustrated. Write down these players names so that you can tell your team to focus on them next time you meet in the arena.

4: Visualize yourself going up against another class and think about what combination of skills would be best to beat your opponent.

5: Youtube is filled with arena videos, watch them and learn what other players are doing.

6: Memorize your skill cool downs and effect times because every second counts in the arena.


Miracle Coins


Miracle coins are a form of currency that can be used to do a variety of things in Warspear. The most popular use of miracle coins is purchasing items from the built in Miracle Shop, but there are other uses as well, such as repairing equipment, or using them for amplification insurance. There are currently only two ways to obtain Miracle Coins in Warspear:


1: Buying Miracle Coins with real money.


SMS Payment, Paypal, MOL Points, BoaCompra, QIWI, Robokassa and Yandex Money are the payment methods available when purchasing Miracle Coins from http://warspear-online.com/

The options presented in game to pay for Miracle Coins are dependant on your Country, and what kind of device you are using to run the game client.

* Miracle coins can NOT be traded between players or accounts.


2: Earning Free Miracle Coins.


This usually consists of completing surveys, installing applications, watching videos, registering to servies, or purchasing products.

There are currently three companies providing ways to earn free Miracle Coins:


- Flurry

- SponsorPay

- SupersonicAds


* If you do not receive your Miracle Coins within the specified time, do NOT contact AIGrind or complain on the forums. SupersonicAds has a built in feature at the bottom of the list called "Missing Miracle Coins", which will show you your completed and pending offers. SponsorPay offers the same kind of system, but instead of "Missing Miracle Coins", the feature is called "Support".

* Always take a picture(*Print Screen) of your completed offer, just in case you are asked to provide evidence later on.

* The offers that you may complete are based upon your location and the device you are using to run the game client. This is very useful if you own multiple devices, or travel to different Countries frequently.


Miracle Coin Advice:


1: The Miracle Shop has daily deals every 24 hours, which if patient, is a great way to get an item at a lower cost.

2: The more popular items, such as Signs of Imperishability, are usually offered as daily deals every week.

3: Items purchased using Miracle coins can be sold to other players for substantial amounts of gold.

4: Do not trust ANY of the sites on Google advertising unlimited or free miracle coins. They are all scams.

5: Almost every month AIGrind offers a 50% discount on Miracle Coins or items sold in the Miracle shop.


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