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Heres what happened u all know that recently he had my lvl 20 barb illuxion and he was trying to sell it on elf side so I pm him and told him to give it back so he did and he admits that he did take it it u look at my screenshot so now I have my barb back but wait its not over I try to long in about 3hrs later and password of login is incorrect all of a sudden if I cant get my char back im asking u guys to atleast ban him so he doesnt do anything like this again and maddboww that ranger hes on he scammed it too from another player thats all I have to say Report him



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Ur barb one of my blacklist gankers that i usually rape them , i don't like scammers but i see u deserve that so next time u learn how to play this game nicely , rather then ganking ppl that raped u at 1vs1 try make urself stronger and be smart so u dont get scammed :) 

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