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  1. LMAO :D it should be hard i finnished cl at lvl 17 but i died alot and i mean alot of time to kill lake :) well you can do it at updates like xmass or halloween or just go at night :) i always notive mc land free at night ( 00:00 GMT ) and because i am at elf side i won't let you pass :D why we got stairs ? Cuz of stealth we can't see rogues so need trap but u can see elf always ... its same way also you can pass steath all way up cara ... last thing i wanna say that mc are equals to elf and dungeon already hard drop so you need to spam a lot :) good luck
  2. Oh ty i sent them all of that details by email :) but wht happen next ? I get my mcoins or they just they fix this ?
  3. Ok just today i bought 100 mcoins using sms payement and didn't get them ... explain this to me ? I got ss and u check that my acc didnt get any mcoins today thats why i dont wanna buy more cuz 4 th time it happens in a row..
  4. I see a lot of topics about rangers skill built didnt see any including expert skill fire arrow :) so i wanna share mine and others ppl so newbie now wht to do : 3/5 power shot 5/5 bless 5/5 scatter 1/5 trap 1/5 dodge 3/4 fire arrow My skill builts very good vs ranged and pvp , if u like pve then nvm scatter add them to power shot :) hope this helps
  5. Oh ty for reply i will try it now
  6. Where is google play payement ? Lmao i don't use mcoins for me its not a problem but my friends asking me to post this cuz its sale and they wanna buy ... ps : ss took from my andriod so it should be option of google play payement right there
  7. Well check my post and think again :D well my arena xbow unlucky at all but the bow very lucky :D its just codes u have to be in the right time with th right wpn in the right place
  8. Arena lvl 17 bow : +1 to +6 5 sings no fail +6 to +7 4 signs +7 to +8 2 signs +8 to +9 72 signs fail After a month : +8 to +9 1 sign Ps : i didnt spam cuz i poor i dont use mcoins so those were in separated dates
  9. Each 10-15 tower u get 1 lmao if u lucky xD but i agree with devs this should be rare and hard if u wanna get easy use mcoins otherwise wait ur luck like me ^^ u can get tjose dust by boss drop and tower any boss that his lvl more than urs drop them
  10. Lmao xD they should be both popular ...
  11. Lmao xD Nbk are kids well yedyerday i came out on their kos loist xD why ? Beuz they cant kille pvp and even if they gank 1vs1 :D idc u problems with ABN u messed with me you will get exterminated :) ive started to hunt them anyone wanna join me pm in game ( Naabrican ) last thing nbk aka most hated rename ur list to IDOS ( i die on sight ) :P and whenever i kill u remember those pics you will feel worse :D
  12. Am glad i did it with u bro :friends:
  13. Nice answer :rofl: really am thinking of playing other game like wow :search: i wont care abt playing on mobile :blush: ty devs :good: keep ignoring :dirol:
  14. I suggest that devs should make day and night on ws and time it with the daily sale its not that hard , that will make game better and a really gd way to do cl or cc quests at night mode
  15. Vs lvl 18 ;D but nice one :dirol:
  16. LoL they r both bd ( hit from close distance) u can fear and blind them both so u have a chance to win but if one of them was ranged and both high amped it might be abit hard to win and also here is the result when normal amped warlocks face high amped rangers :)
  17. Ur barb one of my blacklist gankers that i usually rape them , i don't like scammers but i see u deserve that so next time u learn how to play this game nicely , rather then ganking ppl that raped u at 1vs1 try make urself stronger and be smart so u dont get scammed :)
  18. I didnt say remove 2vs2 and add 1vs1 to game , low amps simply dont try it , its just a way to improve ur self against each class without being ganked
  19. 3vs3 are mostly pvp so he can pvp with all x3 times or more showing u that high dmg
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