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Protecting the voice, rights and health of the community.

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Hello guys!


I have been part of and watching over the community for some time now, and I was able to witness how great power of transformation and adaptability your own. I couldn't disregard that a new player base is emerging, bringing within it players from other game communities that unfortunately may come across a lot of controversial behavior and bad advice. Now is when I need the already mature player base the most to raise awareness about how to build a solid relationship and positively productive community, worth developing more and more.


New warrior, this message is for you:


Player Q: Why am I constantly asked to share my feedback about game issues in the Warspear Online forum instead of third party medias?


1. Security and privacy

It is possible to become a member and actively participate in the discussions safely without exposing your privacy and personal data, as often happens in other social medias. In addition, only here you get recommendations and instructions to solve almost all game related issues. 


2. Reliable information

While browsing the web, everyone is the subject to fake news and misinformation everywhere, and when you come across any content about Warspear, there is no exception. The knowledge can be very easily misunderstood and distorted by the intermediary channel, whether innocently or maliciously for personal gains — a fresh content, news and comments from the official team or a personal review of any kind can be the target. But here on forum you are able to find all the information that is truthful, straight from the source. Every expert player benefited directly or indirectly from the forum knowledge at some point.


2. Fraud Control

On forum, discussions are taken seriously. In this channel it is possible to identify and punish attempts of data fraud faster than in other social networks. Fake users created to boost a content view or motivate attitudes, editions of posts and deletion of significant data to manipulate public opinion or create misleading impressions —  these are some examples of situations against which the community team fights everyday, to keep this environment safe for our players. If you spot a malicious content or action, you can immediately let us know and we can rapidly take action. 


3. Exciting debates between our finest gamers
Arguably, the most remarkable meetings of Legends and Lords of Arinar happens at the supreme tribunal — community forum!
From time to time, some subjects arise great concern of our warriors, and once a debate is open, sages from all realms gather in the Great Embassy to use their best knowledge to argue about them. During these epic activities, members of the high table listens jointly with Alliance leaders and generations, who benefit and learn a lot from their well based analysis and source quotes to support statements and articulate possible solutions.♡


Often times, when players don't want the greater good and use biased approaches to communicate, they choose to discuss themes in closed groups in which all members share the same ideal or places where they feel in control, avoiding open confrontation in real-time or in places where the oppositors share equal rights. Meanwhile, here our members take pleasure in learning more by sharing their thoughts and accepting the vulnerability involved in being wrong sometimes. Also, new members may instantly spot the most relevant contributors for their colorful titles.


4. “The ideas are welcomed from everyone”

It doesn't matter where you come from. As long as you present great ideas for improving the game quality, there is a big chance for you to be on the spotlight, gather support from the global community, and definitely catch the eyes of the project team. On the forum, almost every person with the hands on the game development, media and user support is registered and active reader. Moreover, good ideas rapidly earn popularity among community members.


5. Anti-cyberbullying guidelines


The Community Rules protect you against the most common situations, but the forum team is also meant for identifying and taking fast disciplinary measures against bullying / harassment in both clear or veiled forms, such as provocative behavior and intentionally deceptive manipulation of content.


Forum members can report harmful content from anyone, anytime and this will be immediately displayed to all forum administrators and moderators at once — that means here you're empowered against any types of abuse. And all feedback and discussion about game issues under the community rules and forum guidelines is welcome. 


In fan clubs/channels about Warspear, you may be bullied at any time for disagreeing with a certain group's opinion or motivations. We can't protect you in such situations, but I wrote some useful information for you:




Read this information If you're a victim of cyberbullying in other social medias


Social media companies are obligated to keep their users safe. Collect evidence – text messages and screen shots of social media posts – to show what’s been going on. For bullying to stop, it needs to be identified and reporting it is key. It can also help to show the bully that their behaviour is unacceptable. (UNICEF🡭 ) 

If you suffer repeated bullying, talk to a loved one. If this person doesn't take action to protect, search for legal authorities and Hotlines. USA🡭 Brazil🡭



If someone uploads a personal content without your consent (appearance, voice, full name, and more), the poster may have violated YouTube Privacy Guidelines. If this happens to you, reach out to the uploader and ask them to take down the video. If for some reason they don’t agree to do it, you can request to have the video removed. You can start a Privacy Complaint Process.


Af for harassment and cyberbullying🡭 , hateful content 🡭 swearing🡭 and other behaviors against YouTube Community rules, I encourage you to Report inappropriate content


If someone copies a video that you created or content that you own, you may wish to file a copyright complaint.


(18-): If you are under eighteen years old, YouTube protects you from content that endangers the mental or physical well-being of minors. Situations you might have seen while watching videos about Warspear, including live streaming, live chats, comments, community posts, etc.

- misleading family content – titles, descriptions, and tags of videos for kids/family/similar. But shows minors trying to connect with strangers

- harassment and cyberbullying of minors, discussing adult topics, others.

- reveals personal information about the minor (appearance, or voice, or identifiable data). 

- a particular person is slandered or humiliated


You can collect all evidence and report the channel. If you were harmed, but you aren't sure if the proofs you provide will suffice, you can ask support and provide links to profiles of real people who can be contacted as witnesses against the abuser, contact YT support via email, if you're a verified partner or ask the help of one.


Facebook / Instagram

To know how to protect yourself and others from cyberbullying, check out our resources on FB Bullying prevention hub or Instagram safety.



Twitter encourages people to report accounts to us that may break our rules. You can do this through the support pages on our Help Center or through the in-Tweet reporting mechanism by clicking on the “Report a Tweet” option.



6. Moderators

The forum management is made in cooperation with moderators, who help us approve and answer your posts, mediate debates when things get heated up and also keeping in touch with administrators. We recruit active players like you to become moderators because it's important for us to bring up ideas to improve the game and forum together, and work closely with our community. 


When you seek a mutual respect, an abuse-free environment, wants the best for the game and your own user experience: be vigilant, be alert, stay safe, protect your emotions and health from aggressive troublemakers and manipulators, and have strong, clear and firm boundaries.


Keep this in mind. If you have any questions, don't be shy to ask. 


Take care!

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