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Pvp rating ranks.


do you payers want a challenge?  

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  1. 1. do you payers want a challenge?

    • yeah sure, maybe pvp will be a bit more interesting...
    • hmm... i dont know i dont like the sound of challenge...
    • forget challenge, i wanna keep destroying non-payers!
    • straight up no...
    • gmeddis should shut up.

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Ok just keep with me people... My idea is to help balance out pvp thus maybe the 1v1 idea can contribute to this. By ratings rank the more rating the better rank you get and by rank i meant things like: recruit after 200 ratings or marshal after 100000 ratings there can be loads for us to make so just go ahead and contribute. By balancing you could put marshal vs marshal in pvp recruit vs recruit or marshal and recruit vs marshal and recruit etc so now you payers are going to hafta use skill to win pvp not just instakill everything you see... Maybe some of will disagree i dont know maybe it could be a good challange to you payers or OP people. By the 1v1payers vsing payers can get good arena points because if 1v1was to come... It would be huge with dozens trying it and this isnt the end... How about a ratings talent tree? Which goes up to level 20 so npw you dont spend points on only armor but talents now like speed increase, attack increase for a certain skill etc... This is what can seperate pros from newbs thus giving non-payers chances to maybe... Be a challenge to payers (i know payers will definate disagree now) so... This is my suggestions also the rating ranks can be positioned above your name maybe in a different colour.

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