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guild gold storage



Is there any way that GM can somehow generate gold for each and every guild..??


Reason im asking is because as a leader iv felt abit of tention between each member  in my guild having some sort of issue of either not having any ways of gaining mcoins, not wanting to do dailies or neither farming bosses to gain gold..

My point is that if each member wants to be part of a guild then each member must contribute right..?? But what if most of whom ever u invite has the same issue mentioned above..??


Must the leader input 70% of everything..?? (which would be so [email protected]#$%n unfair)

Or, will he/she have to argue with whom did not contribute (eg: doin dailies, provide a certain percentag of input)..??

Or, will the leader be forced to either kick, leave guild, change name and pay 1500mcoins then leave guild..??


With the issues mentioned it could cause problems between long term friends and newbies..


Well i can go on but i saif what was needed :)

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Yeah your right Anih.

If your in a guild together, then you`ll have to do it all together. Not just simply relay on others while you sit back and watch.


Then again there should be more ways to obtain gold, gp and that sorta crap.

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