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make zodiak energy & stone amplify


how about you all opinion?  

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  1. 1. how about you all opinion?

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    • disagree
    • idk :D

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for future update,,how if developes make


                                                ##first zodiak energy :



1.its worked like energy getering and can use if people press button meditation ,,

2.it can be generate for maybe every 1 minute incress some how if we call it "stamina"

3. this stamina only can generate if we dint get attack from monster or enemy,,and we dint move from our place(that why it can we call meditation) ;D



player can use this stamina for upgrade their zodiak ,,and for upgrade it,,ofcourse have chance succes..

in here ,, 12 step to get maximal zodiak ,, and 12 step to finish 1 zodiak

we can add resilince ,chance crit,penetration,dodge,atk sped,hp regen,mana regen from every zodiak


exemple :

sagitarius >> incres critical rate ,every 1 step incres 0,8% critical rate hit

so at step 2 sagitarius,,you will get incres 1,6% critical rate hit


scorpion >> incres reslince rate , every 1 step incres 0,8% resilince rate

so at step 2 scorpion,,you will get incres 1,6% resilince



,,and for mirecle shop,,we will have "stamina stone" ,,



so we have 2  option to up zodiak

1. just buy it in mirecle shop,, and upgrade zodiak


2. wait every 1 minute for regerate it (time can be set from developer),,maybe every 1 hour wll regenerate :pleasantry: ;D




                                            ##second part its about stone amplify :


in here we know many player getting sad ,,because they will amply at 1 item,,and if have better,it be junk right...i suggest for developer,,how if make system burn item amply



how it will work :

1.we need item,,atlast 2 amplyfy item

2.we will need "hammer item" for make 1x system burn item amply

3.for get "hammer" we can buy this at mirecle coin or from arena maybe(if they give it) :pleasantry:

4.every 1x burn item amply,,it need 2 item ..exemple abow+10 with sblade+5

(cant if weapon with armor)

5.after we burn item,,it will gve us stone amply +5/+6/+8

(chance getting from low item amply until middle amply),,if it was +10 and +10,,it can gve us +10 stone or +9

6.and stone amply can we use at "1 item only" there if ston amply +5,,we use at cbow +0

,,it will gve us cbow+5 without start from +1 again


so with this,,player money on old item dint waste right  ;D ,,

im sory my gramer very bad too,,because im still study..

how about you all opinion,,please make post if agree or disagree  :cray:



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