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Player "Millionaire guide" - by LordLeon777

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Guide for making tons of gold by LordLeon777



  1. Crafting resources gold making guide
  2. Miracle coin items guide
  3. Items
  4. Quests in Ayvondil 
  5. Boss guide
  6. Helping low level players
  7. Arena
  8. Dungeons
  9. Helping rich miracle coiner friend
  10. Joining top guilds 
  11. Participating in guild exclusive events
  12. Buying miracle coins (you can buy mc for 10-100$)
  13. Event ride token minion


1. Crafting resources gold making guide (long term gold making guide)


1.1 First guide of crafting resources (summer-winter profit making)


 12586d6789e47ea4f15077787169c625.png 86c1da281805713da2f8ea07751db118.png


Buy item> Start buying Ethereal substance & energy substance 3 -  6 months before winter holiday event.

Before winter holidays begins ethereal-energy subs cost 5-6k/300-500 gold respectively on us-saphire server‚these craft item price increases to 10-12k for ethereal substance and 800gold for energy substance on winter holiday because of craft event.

You can earn 1m gold profit if u buyed 20 sets ethereal substance 

About 5k gold profit every pc 


1.2 Second guide of crafting resources (from summer - winter)


b5c1d4da2ef2cb35b8fbdd7dcca3bb5d.png 771c4079759c101dbd557efa27404f80.png

Buy item > ethereal catalyst and energy catalyst 3-4 months before spring event

‚ ethereal catalyst cost around 1k and energy catalyst for 300 gold‚ which can be sold for 3k-5k gold for ethereal catalyst and 1k gold for energy catalyst in spring events.you will easily make 100-1000k profit


2. Miracle coin items guide


2.1 Sign of imperishabilityy



buy sign sets for 20k-22k on sign sale and resell them after 4 days or a week for 25k.


2.2 Dmg 3 sphere & dmg 2 sphere:


88e3498f21577e0eeccc9e39fdde0085.png 525cba48da5857bdd79a38da4df0daf9.png


buy dmg 3 sphere and dmg 2 sphere on sale for 9k-10k & 5k-7k respectively‚ which increases to 13k after a week and 18k after 2-4 weeks if no sale on dmg 3 and 10k-15k for dmg 2

Def 3 sphere :on event def 3 are sold for 3-4k a set which increases to 6k-8k a set during sign sale. So stack them up when they are cheap and resell them during sign sale


2.3 Scrolls


Repair scrolls:

buy repair scroll set on sale for 6-10k and resell them on second hand trader per pc for 1.5k you make about 500-1k gold profit per pc


Teleport scrolls:


buy tp scrolls for 4-5k a set and sell on market after 2 days for 800-1k gold through second hand dealer . You will make about 400-600 gold profit per pc


Life scrolls:


buy life scrolls on sale days for 15k-18k a set and sell them o second hand dealer after a week for 3-4k per pc. You will make about 2k-2.5k profit per pc


2.4 Pots




you can buy hp pot etc on event chest sale.Many players open chest and get different types of pot.

They sell these pots for 1-2k buy them cheap and sell them after some days for 2-5kgold. If you are low on good and wanna make some extra change then this is for you.



2.5 Event chest sale




buy event chest on event for 30k and sell these chest after event end for 60-70k and you will earn almost 30k+profit. This is the most profitable trade.


2.6 Seeker stamina




A lot of player start buying seeker stamina at high prices when special holiday ( Halloween- New year - spring event - warspear anniversary event)  starts. Stack seeker stamina by buying them from players on seeker sale for 80k-100k before events and resell them piece by piece through second hand dealer for 14k-17k when event starts.


2.7 Arena tickets




Arena tickets always goes on sale 1-7 days before every new arena season starts. Buy arena tickets from other players on this sale for 6k-8k(50pcs) and sell them after new arena season starts for 10k-15k.


2.8 Rune/crystal




buy special runes and crystal available during events from other player and sell these runes after event end . For example


Most popular rune (vampire rune):

buy vamp rune for 80-100k during event chest sale and sell vamp rune for 150k-250k after event


Miracle coin crystal: buy harmony crystal/def rune etc on sale days and sell them after a week or two for 3-4k gold you will earn almost twice it original value


3. Items


3.1 Unique expert skill books


If you get unique books don't immediately sell them.Sell these book after event because their prices will increase and since  there are many rich player who will pay 50k-100k miracle coins or 5-10m gold for a unique expert skill book.you need to wait and advertise on world chat for a week or so to find a player or wait for some months .


3.2 Vampire equips


1e931437e23fc15135b34d969e8fb25b.png 2ba908d78afd74c804b768db0f0aafb6.png


store all vampire accessories/armor and weapons which you can get through other players and dg in Halloween holiday event and sell them 2-4 months after Halloween holidays for double their original prices.


3.3 Winter holiday craft armors


30ad0e75f437d7b71ea3149c55bc32ea.png 233ee96a9a2b811f25298598df8696dd.png

if you are A crafter than craft winter holiday items and sell them for 10k-200k (depending upon the level of item)their original cost.as for non-crafter see guide #1 and you guys can also buy these items if you have a good crafting friend at original cost and sell them to make 10-200k profit


3.4 Spring holidays craft weapons p& shield




if you are a crafter than craft spring craft weapon and sell them for 10-200k(depending upon them level of item their original cost since these are the best pve weapons in the game hence their prices are huge.for non crafter see guide #1 or if you a crafter friend you can get item crafted at original prices and sell them to make extra profit


3.5 Event Smiley's




Smiley's goes on 50% sale at lst week of every special event.

You can buy these unique smiley at that time for 15k-20k and sell them after events end for 30k-60k


4. Quests in Ayvondil (map 4)


Map4 t4-t3


T4 and t3 daily quest are a huge source of gold income

you just need to stack t3-t4 quest of ayvondil for 3 days and complete them all at the same time and will earn about 20k-40k gold per 3-4 days


Map4 t5

Just do captives and pirate dailies in t5 to earn gold as they can be completed in 10-15 minutes. You may earn pirate key/weapon‚ hence complete these quest daily


5. Boss guide


Different map bosses farm to earn gold:

Darling 😘 in game  bosses is also a great way of earning tons of gold


For all player level:


Bosses available during special event:


Every event map have multiple bosses for different level of player.

These bosses drop unique equips with unique stats that are worth around 5k-200k depending upon the level and rarity of item.


For lv 20+player:


5.1 T5 boss


farm Larry skull 💀 as it is the most rewarding and easiest  boss to farm for high level player


5.2 T4 ayvondil boss 


farm spider 1-3 and petriks as it drop rate costume‚ craft resources and unique belts


5.3 T3 ayvondil


farming any boss in t3 ayvondil is rewarding and easy.if you are not high amped than make make and team up with them to defeat bosses. 


5.4 Farming mobs at raid boss spawn


mobs at spawn area drop bars worth 250-1.5k gold.they are easy to kill alone and have a high bar drop rate


Spawn: raid boss spawn have a chance to drop spawn costume which can sold be sold for 100k-400k depending upon your server


Faceless: raid boss faceless have a chance to drop costume which can sold for 200k-400k depending upon your server


Elm: raid boss elm have a very low Chance to drop a super unique book that can sold for 2-4 million and a low Chance to drop elm costume worth a 1-2m gold


Evil mechanic (T4 raid boss): just like elm this raid boss also have a low Chance of dropping a unique book that can sold for 1-4 million gold


Octopus (T5 raid boss): you need a active guild for this raid boss. This boss have a low Chance of dropping the most unique book in the entire game that can sold for a very high price


6. Helping low level players


Many player need help in warspear as it is a heavily focused on team play

You can earn gold by helping players do astral lab quest‚ helping low level do boss and dungeon quest.


7. Arena


Try doing free arena daily.

You can use arena points to buy hp pots and sell them to make gold.you can make about 10k-20k per month doing free arena 


8. Dungeons


There are various dungeons in warspear

You can participate in dungeons that are suitable to your level. Make friends who can do the dungeons with you. Complete dungeons daily as you can awarded with a unique item from dungeon chest and making tons of gold

Especially participate in special event limited time dungeons. As they drop unique items that can't be found/farmed after the special event ends. Such item are purchased by player at high price.


9. Helping rich miracle coiner friend


there are many miracle coin user in warspear if your friend is one you can help him sell items and he will give you 10k-50k free gold


10. Joining top guilds 

one of the fastest way to get rich is joining top guilds and earning guild points for them and also if you join top guilds then you can obtain better rewards in guild events and earn ton of gold


11. Participating in guild exclusive events


Try to join guild that are active and compete in guild events

There are various types of guild event in warspear with luxurious reward that can make a poor player a millionaire in a minute

Always participate in special holidays map guild events. These event have the chance to drop super unique skill book which can be sold for millions of gold. 


Stack all event chest an wait for the last week when there is  2× drop rate chance of getting these book.


12. Buying miracle coins (you can buy mc for 10-100$)


Use miracle coin on items that's on sale and use them on your character or sell them to other player after few days to earn more gold .Buying miracle coin is the fastest way of becoming rich in the game.


13. Event ride token minions


Buy ride token minions for 4k-6k on event and sell them after event ends for 8k-12k gold.




Price of items and profit earned varies according to your game server


That's all for my gold making guide

Thx for reading hope you all enjoy playing warspear


Good luck.



Keep in mind that this is not an official content and we don't take responsibility for the validation of the content. 

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