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Face Story 2


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One day :dirol: was walking thru the park. suddenly he didnt feel well so he :bad:  in trash can and saw :bomb: . within seconds he was out cold :facepalm: . after what seemed like enternal darkness :dirol:  awakened. as he :search:  he noticed he was in a cell. :sorry: being un able to remember he called out the first name he remebered O:-) . her face was blurry and the memories were unstable as if some one had dug around in his head. after several hours of trying to remeber :diablo:  came to the cell door and said"son rise and come with me" and :dirol:  was like :shok: "who da fu..." instantly he was uot agian unaware he was headed to his doom


If u like so far ill make the next chapter

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