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Myrnar's Vengeance


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Myrnar was once an angelic creature, a muse whose beautiful voice bewitched every fortunate listener: that, along with immortality, was the gift she had received from the gods in reward for her extraordinary kindness. One tragic day Sam Hain crossed her path: he soon realised how powerful and naive the muse was and hatched a plan to take advantage of that. He told her about a poor village, in a land called Arinar, whose children suffered from a terrible condition: inexplicable pain and sorrow made it impossible for them to do anything but lie in bed crying. The muse was deeply touched and decided to visit the village and sing her most beautiful and powerful song to try and comfort the children. As soon as her voice started to echo through the streets, the villagers gathered to listen to it forgetting whatever they were doing. Meanwhile, Sam Hain and his wicked minions entered the village without encountering any resistance, for all the guards had left their posts. As they set fire to the first house, the muse’s voice started to change becoming less and less godlike. Suddenly the villagers realised what was happening, but it was too late: Sam Hain and his small army burned the village to the ground killing every living being in it. Myrnar desperately tried to save them but she was now a mere mortal. Still she threw herself at Sam Hain himself, who burst into laughter. 
“Thanks to you this land will host my Horror Circus: this village, stained by innocent blood and deceit, is the perfect place to celebrate all that is foul and wicked. You helped me do harm, though unaware, and for that you lost your powers. I only spare you so that you can discover how bitter and cold a mortal existence can be” he said cruelly.  
“You shall pay for this, Sam Hain!” she cried as he walked away, unable to recognise her own voice. 
After that horrible day, Myrnar spent every second of her mortal life plotting revenge, haunted by the screams of despair of the villagers. She knew that she needed to gain exceptional strength in order to kill Sam Hain, so she began to study dark magic and became a powerful and dreadful sorceress. As she grew stronger she also became more and more frightening: her once kind eyes became red and devilish, her long hair black as coal, her face hollow-cheeked and pale as the moon and her teeth long and sharp. Her voice became piercing and strident and her shriek could stun an army. She was no longer godlike nor human: she could conjure an acid rain that would burn the thickest skin and summon demonic creatures, such as fire-breathing gargoyles and golems that made the ground tremble. She could even heal so quickly that she might appear immortal to her enemies, but she could no longer feel pity or joy. 
She was finally ready to take revenge, but before that she needed to perform one last spell, the most atrocious of them all: she would summon the soul of every villager Sam Hain had killed that day many moons ago, ripping them from their eternal resting place and corrupting them forever so that they could all take vengeance on him. As she recited the spell, reaching the height of her powers and irreversibly blackening her soul, the skies darkened and deafening thunder tried to drown out her voice. 
“Sam Hain, you shall finally pay for what you did. I am coming for you!” she screamed at the sky, louder than thunder, as hundreds of vicious ghosts gathered around her, their eyes red like fire, ready to bring about death and chaos and take back the land they once inhabited, Arinar. 


Character’s name: Stillron
Server: EU-Emerald 

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