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Found 2 results

  1. Please put a visual effect on the warden's "fortification" ability, it is frustrating only that (active) skill doesn't have an effect
  2. Hello everyone, in this topic I will give some of my ideas for new expert skills for the necromancer class. Blood Sacrifice: Whenever the necromancer spends health to use a skill he will gain one stack of "Sacrifial Power" equivalent to one stack for every 100 health spent up to a total of 10 stacks. These stacks slowly go away at one stack per 5-10 seconds. When the necromancer has at least 1 stack of "Sacrificial power he will be able to heal himself or an ally for the number of stacks times 100. For example 200 heal for 2 stacks or 1000 heal for 10 stacks. When this heal is activated it will use up all stacks of "Sacrificial Power". I believe that this skill would be fairly balanced and the number of maximum stacks as well as the stack decay time can be tweaked for further balancing. Reverse Fateful Connection (can't really think of a better name): The necromancer uses the spell on a small area connecting allied heroes together causing a certain percentage of healing done to one hero to be distributed between the other heroes under the effect with the total number of heroes able to be effected by this skill up to five. I believe that this skill along with the other one has the potential for very interesting combos. Not to sound complainy but every other healing class in the game already has at least 2 healing skills (druids have like 5 healing skills which is ridiculous) and in addition to that necromancers already have the lowest heal of any healing class because we have to pay health in order to heal. Thank you for reading if you have any comments to make please feel free to write them below.
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