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Found 1 result

  1. An awesome addition to this game would be pets. Pets can't attack enemies but they can't be attacked themselves. Pets can enter arena with the owner but they can't attack or be attacked by enemies. There would be different types of pets like: common pets (no passive skill) uncommon pets (noob passive skill) rare pets (1 passive skill) Legendary pets (2 passive skills) Arena season winner pet (increase damage, resilience and hp by 5%) and the most rarest which are MYTHICAL pets (3 passive skills) Each pet except common pets will have different passive skills and the more rare a pet is, the better the passive skill(s) will be. Passive skills can be anything like increase damage 3% or increase hp by 4% Other passive skills can include higher dodge or other skills, attack speed, life steal, there are many possibilities. Legendary pets will have 2 passive skills and each legendary pets passive skills will be different. For example one can increase damage 3% and increase attack speed 3% While another legendary pet can increase 3% Hp and Hp regen by 15 Or have 5% life steal and 4 mana regen Mythical pets will have 3 passive skills but it will be extremely hard to obtain one. Pets can be very rare drops from bosses(750k+ Hp bosses) and they will look like the boss that dropped it but will be smaller than a normal player character. Or they can be rewards for tournaments, maybe a legendary arena pet for Achievement Virtuoso's. This would be awesome content encouraging all players to go hunting for legendary pets. Pet parameter will be [equipping] they can be traded on dealer and will not be lost if the owner dies. This will open up a new way in which to PvP and PvE, provide a tonne of new content such as bosses/ achievements/ combat strategies. Not only will it benefit gamers but it can even bring about an influx of extra revenue for you developers as you can introduce Miracle pets. PLEASE consider. Just a suggestion.
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