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Found 3 results

  1. Each skill has 8 slots for relics. The relics enchanted on the skills cater to different events in the game (dungeons, arena, etc). I have modified my skills set for PVP and PVE. When changing to either of the modes, the respected combination of the relics should also change.
  2. Hi All. Based on recent testing in test server, I thought of sharing what skill build I am planning to go for at max level (32). Talent Points are not included, as that takes time to farm. PVE Basic Skills (10 Skill Points) Demonic Appearance (active) - 5/5 Evisceration (active) - 3/5 Otherworldly Boost (active) - 1/5 Indulgence of Chaos (active) - 5/5 Chains of the Underworld (active) - 1/5 Expert Skills (9 Skill Points) Exaltation (active) - 4/4 Annihilation (active) - 4/4 Explosion of Chaos (active) - 4/4 Rest of the experts - 1/4 PVP Basic Skills (10 Skill Points) Same as in PVE Expert Skills (9 Skill Points) Exaltation (active) - 4/4 Annihilation (active) - 4/4 Unwavering Will (passive) - 4/4 or Hand of the Underworld (active) - 4/4 Please feel free to either comment or share a better build. 🙂
  3. What is the best form of skill-set for a Magic dmg paladin at lvl 28? (2-handed primarely, but I'd be glad to hear if you have specific thoughts on 1-handed aswell). I am just wondering about some stuff as I am coming closer to the higher levels on my Paladin. For magic dmg Paladin do you put points in you Aura? Does the damage over time from Purifying+Fetters increase with more skill-points and magic dmg? What Expert skill do you max except for Banner. Illumination skill? I guess I'm really asking for what skill-set you guys would use for in your Magic dmg paladins and Why. Personally I am using 4 pts Puri, 4 pts Fetters, 5 pts heal, 4 pts Banner. (Lvl 23 atm, soon leveling up)
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