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Found 4 results

  1. Hi devs, I want to suggest for the mage's Time Warp. Can you make it like magina's blink in dota 2? Where the skill will be executed even you didn't reach the spot where you point the skill. But still teleport in the direction where you pointed it to. I think it would be best for mage's today to have the ability to blink out not just blink in. Because many character classes now can burst mages in few hits. And the game it seems have delays. You always think in your screen you already reach the range of the time warp but the skill didn't cast because in the server you are still few tiles away. Not to mention when you are attacked by a lot of mobs or players. The mage always flinch unable to cast Time Warp. And I think the devs gave this skill to mages to use for escaping too. So why not make it more useful for escaping. And make mages more agile in battle. In my view this tweak won't give huge impact on mages overpowering other classes. Sincerely, Apasserby
  2. since the update wich include the fifth town on avyo and lvl32 im still thinking since we get 3 extra skillpoints from 28 to 32, my actual build (im lvl 31 rn) is: base skills 5/5 strong blow 5/5 roar 3/5 chop 1/5 taunt 1/5 charge experts: 4/4 stoneskin 4/4 scream of fury 3/4 warcry 1/4 defeat, combat fury, and all the others https://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/143824 < my gear as now i am i dont have much problems in tanking and obiviosly i cant tank all, but for stuff wich is not raidbosses (excluded kronus) or technopolis in the hard difficulty and the kronus dg i can do kinda the rest whiout much issues, i dont have problems with aggro till i dont have to hold aggro with +10 pro dmgs i ask u to tell me what do you think and if i should change something
  3. I want to build PVE pala that is good for lab, dg, all that good stuff. I want some advice on what experts to choose and which ones to lvl up to 4/4. I would like to have a full life steal Pala with [Magic Dmg] One Handed Mace + Shield and probably a lot of def. (Wanna hv as much M Power as i can get) https://ws-db.ru/calculator#23524 Consider the following build
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