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  1. I just thought about changing the build a little bit. What if I use 3/4 Banner , 3/4 Illuminiation and I now I can 3/4 another skill like Call or Shield. What do u think? Is it worth it? Is it a big difference between 3/4 and 4/4? Late night question
  2. Ik dude :D. I made another build with less amp and lost 1k def xD. I didn`t post that build here
  3. It`s not. calculated it with less amp
  4. Wow, somehow I didn`t spot that spear there. wtf Ok so I`m gonna go with this one : http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23904 . I still lose 1k def. So I`ll end up with 5401 PDef and 3079 MDef. Is that ok for a tank? I`ve seen better :3.
  5. Thx a lot. I got it now. 4/4 Banner and 4/4 Illumination. Now I hv 2 more questions: 1.How much life steal do I need? An what I mean by that is actually: What`s the lowest % of ls that I really need in order to survive. I plan to hv around 22% life steal. (PS: Still wanna know the minimum required ) 2.What gear should I use? I plan to amp my armour at around +7. I thought about getting full Golden Dawn + Mace [Magic DMG] + Shield + Life Steal Accessories [EX1]. Some players advised me to mix Kronus stuff with Golden Dawn because I get more HP [EX2]. But doing so, I lose a lot of def. What should I do ? EX1 : http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23883 {4152hp, 6843PHdef, 3200Mdef} EX2 : http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23890 {4207hp, 4900PHdef, 2800Mdef} 50 hp difference...rly?
  6. What about "Light Defence" I found this: at 4/4 From 5229 P Def -> 7958 and from 2155 M Def -> 2905 I also want to know how much Dmg "Sacred Shie" absorbs. All i know right now is that at lvl 28 i`ll have 4/4 Harard`s Banner and 4/4 one of the following skills: 1. Illumination 2. Sacred Shield 3. Light Defence Which one should i pick and why? Please give arguments [I also hv another problem. Is it ok if the basic skills look like this (5/5 heal, 5/5 aura, 3/5 fetters of justice) ?. If not, why?] [I also wonder what happens in this scenario: 2 palas place their banners on the floor. Mobs will receive dmg from both banners ?]
  7. I want to build PVE pala that is good for lab, dg, all that good stuff. I want some advice on what experts to choose and which ones to lvl up to 4/4. I would like to have a full life steal Pala with [Magic Dmg] One Handed Mace + Shield and probably a lot of def. (Wanna hv as much M Power as i can get) https://ws-db.ru/calculator#23524 Consider the following build
  8. I really want to build a charmer; it seems like it`s gonna be great. But idk if it`s that kind of class that i want. I would like to build a char that is good at lab, dgs and so on. Is this char able to solo bosses? Is this class good at pve?
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