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Found 3 results

  1. Why does Warspear always!!! lag? My internet has always been fast - 300mb/ps with 5-10 ms and upload speed 35-40 mb/ps I’ve always played on good and fast devices with excellent network cards, fast cpu and etc…. Hitting something, using an aoe skill, or simply healing or casting a spell somehow always “lags”. There is a huge displacement between visuals on my end and what’s actually going on. Best example is WARLOCK! The stun is NEVER where I see it is, the dmg aoe skill is also NEVER on spot, when I fear someone away they are actually ALWAYS 1 yard close to me when I see its 5. That applies to all classes and skills. I tried public wifi, tried a friends wifi, tried CHANGING MY ISP,changing my phone, changing my computer, I even play with a 1MS delay monitor with 1050 Ti, RTX 2080, i5-4th gen, i7-6th gen. (2 different pcs) And also tried on 3 laptops! Dear devs, how can I play Warlock like you intended? At this point I’m considering to delete it tbh. its been like this for years.
  2. Currently, I am having connection problems on the Tourmaline server, and this has been hampering me when making the King of Spring festive dungeons, please improve the server stability.
  3. Fix your servers! We always having lag in Main Menu and Character Selection (Forever connecting) Fix this server crashes! GIVE BACK OUR STAMS AND UPOTS WE USED WHEN THESE SERVER CRASH HAPPENED WHILE IN OUR DG SPAM. Fix your server connections. You're making your players mad!
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