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Found 2 results

  1. once again we return to talk about this class so problematic, this time it will not be an adjustment. of skill statistics or some change of little used skills if not a small problem that I don't know if I consider it a bug due to the following: After leaving the class for a long time, I came back after realizing that there were ways to take advantage of the change in skills that they made after playing for a while, I realized a problem that honestly bothers me too much and they are the secret reserves, this skill until now has saved me in many situations but there are times when it just can't carry my uselessness and I die, now. when you are about to die this ability activates and goes on cooldown, all right. When the skill is not able to keep you alive and you die this skill loses the damage reduction effect and stays on cooldown even after reviving which doesn't make sense since your skills are supposed to reset after reviving, to a certain moment it was not a bother since in pve it is not noticeable but the problem comes when you go to the arena, this ability does not reset after dying so if you are in 5v5, 2v2, 3v3 or any battles and you die this ability does not reset when you leave the arena So you would have to wait 120sec(2min) outside the arena to have the reserves again? It seems completely ridiculous to me since I don't see any sense in that an ability as important as this one doesn't reset when leaving arenas or after dying, practically making you an easy target for anyone. This time I'm not asking for a favor because, as I said, it seems absurd to me to even have to ask for something that is supposed to be like that from the beginning, and that is that the reserves (I don't know if other passives have this problem) are restarted after dying/exiting arena since as I already explained there is no point in having to wait so long to be able to go back to the arena or having to risk facing a boss who already killed me with my reserves or the bonus it gives when on cooldown I wasn't going to talk about it but after talking to a friend who told me that this problem has been going on for a long time I just can't keep quiet I hope that this problem will be resolved soon and having said this I say goodbye and wish you all a good day
  2. A somewhat non game breaking suggestion regarding the secret reserve skill of dk. Upon skill activation a aoe debuff occurs along with the hp regen so as to provide a little safety net for the death knight since he/she is almost already dead. I have had several ideas in mind for the debuff here are some of them... Mind that these are already skills in game (my main objective is just to secure the dk a bit once secret reserve is active because the defence increase is quite insignificant because of the dmg reduction % ) -> Aoe nightmare (forest song) -> Aoe damage reduction (roar) -> Hp lock (no dmg can be taken in these 1-4 seconds *might seem op so don't mind this one if it is so*) -> Aoe mob dps decrease -> Aoe position lock (druid root pool) If anyone wants to add any more suggestions or argue with the fact that reserve is good enough as it is (no it isnt i die before the regen ticks once) please do so, i hope Daria notices the post, thanks.
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