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Found 2 results

  1. Unbind Scroll -This allow players to unbind their equips to allow them to sell or transfer equips that they are not using. -To prevent bag slots to be filled with items that is not important. This should be added on mcoin shop to allow non-mcoin users to also have the opportunity to sell or trade their stuff that they dont need anymore. LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SOON THANK YOU !!
  2. there are miracle pots, runes and other items like that (YOU DONT SAY) and they give buffs after all, In the description they are only said to have great effects. Well, i doubt that that gives enough information when trying to use it, as the buff scales with level. If you want to really know the exact effect strength, you have to go to various calculations, or something like that. So my suggestion is that miracle consumables, enchantments should show their effect value allready on "Info" for the player whos getting the info showed. In order to fit this suggestion, another suggestion has to be made. Because white is indicating a constant value, green an improved value. None of them suits with the above, you can't just go applie white color on a rune because its constant but e.g. runes can get great charms, which is suited with green. Green neither, because maybe its just a regular, non-improved effect. There has to be made a new color to suit this Blue indicates ESTIMATED effect value So, thank you for reading this, and feel free to leave any thoughts behind, if you have doubts qusstions or any other issues. god, i feel like im in a yt video.
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