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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, everyone. I want to discuss raid bosses; I'm from the Eu-Emerald server. It's common for a guild to assemble the best group of its top warriors and use the finest potions, scrolls, and castle buffs to win the boss fight and have a chance to get, perhaps, a rare book. However, what has been happening is that it's always the same guilds, with the same players and the same buffs, that win the raid. This is quite monotonous and not surprising at all; it even becomes tedious, especially for smaller guilds that can't compete for the chance to earn achievements for their members. What I would propose is the following mechanic: The group of players that wins would be unable to compete for the bosses for 3 respawns. This way, it would give a chance for other players and other guilds to try. How would it work? Players who participated in the group that successfully defeated the boss would receive a status (similar to the war buff) indicating that they defeated the boss (boss's name) with a countdown until they can battle again. If they entered a party to compete with the same boss before the status expired, the party would not receive the boss (similarly to when a high-level player is in a party with a low-level player, and neither gets drops from farm bosses). This would not only make the competition a bit fairer but also increase the strategy to win the kill. But why a 3-day debuff? Answer: Because the boss respawns every 24 hours, this way, the winner would be unable to attempt killing the boss for 3 respawns, increasing the chance for other parties. We have many players on the servers, so 72 hours is acceptable. After all, if another party from their guild wins the kill, they still come out on top in any case. I hope you consider this suggestion; we just want a more harmonious and enjoyable game for everyone, not just for small groups.
  2. Hello Warriors! today I would like to introduce my beloved community, an idea. It is associated with something that everyone loves, golden cloaks, sinister masks, captured trophies of wild animals, it is an inseparable element of every brave warrior - decorative elements. I would like to present concepts of modernizing both small and large bosses, adding an element to them that will flicker in the eye of every wanderer and will cause a greater desire to kill such monsters - skins I attach graphics (of course, it should be adapted to the capabilities and style of warspear) that would be added as a loot from the Capitan Giant Octopus raid boss. Such decorative elements are an inseparable part of the game, after all, everyone wants to look powerful, everyone wants to give the impression of an invincible hero, it would significantly diversify the achievements of such bosses, obtaining rare powerful books is extremely rare, and the relics that are often obtained do not arouse much interest and excitement, such skins could be something in between. Let me know what you think about this idea, I encourage you to discuss it
  3. I would like to suggest a new type of territory war where instead of players killing flags there are instead a certain number of waves of mobs or bosses that players have to kill and defend. This is how I imagine my suggestion. There are 5 waves in this fight for survival 1st wave will be mobs of high hp and many of them 2nd wave will be mobs and a mini boss 3rd wave will be all mini bosses 4th wave will be mini bosses and 1 boss 5th and final wave will be maybe 3 bosses. (Mobs and bosses can be chosen randomly by developers and their hp can be increased due to the large amount of players participating.) Each wave of monsters will start walking from one location to a designated camp of the enemy. If a wave of mobs start from caravan elf side and walk to a MC camp the elves must do their best to defend the mobs while at the same time Mcs well try their best to kill the elf mobs before they each a certain destination. The same well be for mc side. The mobs can and will stop to attack any enemy faction of they are close by Each wave will leave at the same time therefore MC side and elf side will have to strategically plan Defence AND attack at the same time. The faction who was able to defend more mobs to the enemy will win. Just a suggestion of a new type of war.
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