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Found 3 results

  1. -Why the devs don't care about the old maps anymore ? -Only endgame and endgame.... only for people who are putting money in this game.... -There is no interest in making this game big as it was in the 2012 or early, playerbase is declining.... no promotion or anything for this game to grow.... if there are no new players there is nothing we can do in the first 2 maps...and the game will die eventually, but only ppl who spent huge money will still remain !!!!! -They need to make new ways to farm for gold in this game... selling gear is not an option unless you are a very high skilled player allready.... if you are a new player i can't do sh#t...... only after putting some money in this dead game you can do something.... -Let's not talk about the drops in dungeons.... where is worse.... the amount of times you need to do them to get something is insane..... you spend more money in buying stamina... and gain more to nothing in dgs.... but this is a very hard way to make gold..... no mobs or boss drops gold la 5 to 10k or maybe i don't know that because..... I NEED HIGH LVL GEAR AND NEEDS TO BE AMPLYFIED TO -DO SOMETHING BUT OH WELL I HAVE NO GOLD, because there is nothing to do to get gold or ways to get my gear, craft takes too much time and resources...... SO FOR SHORT YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO IMPROVE URSELF IN THIS GAME UNLESS YOU PAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ok the moment of truth has come, we already played the test server. I have taken some screenshots with CD parameters and skill time. Then opinions can be discussed. I'll leave you screenshots of the Dodge skill, and give some and other tips to improve the rogue, which I think could work very, very well. "I also want to clarify that the CD I used is an approximate one, with equipment from lvl 29 -30. I also have improved the 1/5 CD of the talent tree from update 10.0 Era of Knowledge" Dodging Skill Without CD: Dodging Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30: Dodging Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30 [Extermination Skill Buff Actived]: Dodging Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30 + Passive CD Guild lvl10: Dodging Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30 + Passive CD Guild lvl10 [Extermination Skill Buff Actived]: As you can see, the minimum I could get out of the Skill was 18 seconds, which as a defensive skill has a gap of 3 seconds difference is a bit problematic for 15 seconds. Some pros and cons of the skill: Pros: A high CD will be needed, which can be used to benefit other skills and exploit damage skills. Skill can be overexploited for constant use of offensive and defensive relics It has a good dodge parameter if you make it maxed, only for a PvE build and a rare PvP build, where you depend on using a lot of dodge. If the skill is not improved, it is double the bonus of what there was before, then you can change 1 dodge parameter to 1 weapon or 1 ring, and put parry, damage reflection or vampirism. If the skill is maxed, you can use a full vampirism build, without any problem, and in weapons that depends on the use and the taste of the person. Let's say there are good pros, but do you know how long it took me to think about them? and they are still practically few. Cons: Like a pros, the high CD can be seen as a cons Constant high mana consumption in a short amount of time due to Skill Spamming. Due to Skill Spamming, many auto-attacks are lost. Other good offensive armor parameters are lost (Accuracy, HP, Penetration). The drastic change in armor bonuses causes a complicated build. Must be Exact Relic change Need a high level guild, so not use this class like secondary char in a low lvl guild for farm strong bosses, you losing speed, CD and dodge. are super importants those parameters in Rogue class. Let's also say that you can leave it in a low level guild but you will know that it is not the same to deal with bosses with great accuracy. TIPs for Rogue players I remember that with the full CD build that I put with guild and everything, it is 18 seconds of CD, so we have 3 seconds left without the ability, what can we do? First we can leave it at that, leave the empowerment relic that we use. in my case I use the [Relic of Curse Removal]. Second, if you want permanent skill I recommend you use the [Great Relic of Continuous Effect], it is obtained in the dungeons. Relic increases skill time by 40% then: If it is 15 seconds, 40% is 6 seconds, if we add the 2 it gives us 21 seconds of the buff. 15s + 6s It can also be made permanent with the [Small Relic of Continuous Effect], 20% is a 3 second bonus, so now it is exactly 18 seconds. 15s + 3s. The downside of increasing the bonus time with the relic, is losing the use of other empowering relics that are quite useful not only in PvP but also PvE. In my case, losing the [Relic of Curse Removal] is quite painful, because it has saved me from quite a few deadly debuffs like bleeding or poisoning, and even curses. And this has only been PvE, the PvP mode is missing to see the massive difference. (I think some things were missing but I forgot) Dodging Skill With Passive CD Guild lvl 10 [Extermination Skill Buff Actived]: Actually, it's 50.2%, I don't understand why the photo shows 50.5%, that is, an extra 0.3% but let's say it's 24.9 seconds, rounding it is 25 seconds. Then imagine waiting 10 seconds to use dodge again. It is unusual in my opinion, the enemy classes are mostly full Stun, so giving them that opportunity of 10 seconds, is something absurd, and kick only removes the accuracy of 1 enemy. It is very absurd, now the magicians, druids, blade dancers, rangers and paladins, apply the stuns and place a single combo and they already kill you. then the skill is now obsolete. Now let's say that with the [Great Relic of Continuous Effect], it is 21 seconds, there are still 4 seconds left to recharge, Ok now we can say that surviving 4 is better than 10, for me it is something reasonable but at the same time not. The great weakness of Rogue class is to be stunned and the enemies ranged-attack, those are its 2 weakest points in the game since it is melee. For me, being a melee class is unfair, because in the arenas the only thing they do is run and move away, and if we get close to them, they slow us down with skill combos, and this damages vampirism, auto-attacks including also the use of our skills. So how "balance" of this skill I still disagree, they are rendering the rogue very useless vs ranged attacks, and most of the players prefer to attack from a distance and run. I admire more those classes that are melee, they are people who do know about combat. And I still don't understand why ranged attack classes keep improving them to the point of being impossible to touch. Also its against is the worst is as if the skill did not exist, each point of precision lowers points to dodge, the only way it works is that the precision only applies to PvE mode and not PvP. But obviously they won't do this and by the way it would be super difficult to balance this, because this is when everyone uses dodge on their armor. I also tried the passive skill Absolute Reflexes, and that causes me to erase it. Now speaking of melee attacks, the rogue continues to work, only with the Kick in the Back skill, if you don't put this on your enemy, forget 100% that you will dodge. But the class has a very poor survivability performance. Because Kick in the Back is still melee for 1 target. And 1v1 depends on your enemy, but I assure you that if you make only 1 mistake you are dead. I don't mean to say that melee classes are difficult to kill with the Rogue, because we all already know what they are. And even so those classes will remain the same, some that others improved a little. Ok now let's evaluate the stuns skills: Flurry of Steel: It is horrible, I could say that it is even worse, I tell you: your PvP armor needs CD on it, but even so the skill is still just as weak with 2 seconds of stun with a probability of 80%. And it can be blocked and dodged, I did pvp with ranger and hunter and what they did was dodge the skill, I mean wait for the CD again to fail again. No, honestly it's horrible, if you are still build Stun I recommend leaving it even 4/4, no matter how useless the skill is, but there is no other way to stun the enemy at a distance, if you reduce it the probability of stun will be worse than your luck dropping books. Also if the stun fails use jump and then Gouge. But if you are Rogue, you will know how complicated it is for this to be 100% successful. Flurry of Steel Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30 + Passive CD Guild lvl10 Flurry of Steel Skill With only Passive CD Guild lvl10 and CD crystal in Helmet PvP lvl 29 Trickiest Technique: I did not tested it, sorry, I will do it next time, but the skill remains the same, I have not tested if it can be cured with any poisoning. Until then when I test it I go edit this part. Gouge: Ok, the skill is the druid's copy of the song of the forest, but it is 1 meter around the rogue, it could be a cross shape or a 3x3 area. I like it, it is useful for facing classes that summon summons like Necromancer, Druid, Charmer, Templar. Ok the bad thing is: the skills "elemental backing" and "help of chaos" are ranged now, so it is still weak to magic attacks. Also that is not what I expected, I thought it would do the same effect of Rush of the Blade dancer but without running. And this makes it poor in gvgs, the Legion continues to have very poor area stuns, which are removed with any hit, so why do we have chieftains? If using a gouge it would be a waste of energy. And not just chieftains, but most of the Legion Side all have AoE skills that remove these types of poor stuns. Another thing, 2 seconds of stun removed to do the same skill, but AoE? the druid has 7 seconds 4/4. So it should be 7 seconds for Rogue and Seeker, both classes use the 7 seconds to think what to do, 5 seconds of AoE stun is little and forces us to use other abilities like crazy without thinking, and Seeker is not a class that has a good CD, so I also see them very disadvantaged. Put 7 seconds!!! On the other hand, putting the AoE ability was a good suggestion, but it seems that the player who suggested it sacrificed precious stun time in exchange for an AoE stun. And I have not taken the time to read the Russian forum, because I have very little free time. And looking at it like this, the rogue still has only 5.5 seconds of auto-attacks while the enemy is stunned with luck. Then it is better that for PvP weapons swords and daggers are really useful and do not have critics. That bonus is really useless. These should be daggers Precision and Attack Speed, and Swords Penetration and Attack Speed. I see balanced this in rogues and seeker, the precision to kill the rogues. and penetration to equal the damage of the seeker's auto attacks. TIPs for Rogue players: Ok now how the skill is AoE. It's even better, but with relics. I suggest you use the [Relic of Reaction], [Terrible Relic of Sickness] and [Terrible Relic of Control]. [Terrible Relic of Sickness] not works with AoE, only works in the selected target [Terrible Relic of Control] works with AoE. I don't have [Relic of Reaction] yet, but the skill can be resisted in AoE too. I think the Dodge skill should have Resist, and remove [Relic of Reaction] from Kick in the Back, why? Well, the 2 skills Kick and Gouge are debuffs, so it is more attacking than defensive, and I prefer to use dodge and have a resistance time for control effects and there it would be a totally consistent skill. Also, if the enemies are going to be running, it is not worth having a relic that also only activates by chance, because Kick and Gouge are put many times, it is more worth having the relic in the AoE skill, than in 1 melee, and if you use dodge and resist a control effect, it gives you time to attack. Ok for last, is time to evaluate the "FIXED" skill Frenzy Visually: It is a skill that looks very beautiful, I give it a 10/10, I love it too much, it also matches with [Fu Hao] costume, orange is one of my favorite colors. Damage performance: I have the skill at 1/4, because my construction is full stun, to help something in PvP, also the game is more PvP mode than PvE, so it is not worth putting it to the maximum. The skill disaster (Read before buy this in the update): Very pretty, very good benefit of critical damage, but the skill continues to have the same error that we all want to erase, and that is that the skill continues to have the same debuff towards the rogues, receiving more damage from the enemy. "In short words, enemy's attacks will hurts more". It's sad, the skill had been perfect until I noticed this fatal error. They take away the dodge, frenzy remains the same, our stuns are useless, we have no shield, we do not reduce damage, The stun is removed by 1 AoE effect or any damage, and are we still useful for 1v1 or in groups? This shows a lot of hatred towards us. The rogue's balance is incomplete yet, you can't even call this a balance. "Sorry this is too long, but I say all this because, these balances are made only 1 time at year, and during the year it is seen that something always went wrong, and I think it is very little time to make such massive changes for the snow update, thanks for read " (I will keep updates on this post, any send this to devs please... Zzz...)
  3. Wen I go into game dis happens sometimes
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