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Found 8 results

  1. Данный музыкальный тред создан 25.08.2022 г., исключительно для ценителей прекрасного. ИЧСХ я прекрасно понимаю насколько это не актуально и бла-бла-бла. Но мы росли в этих тредах, в них и состаримся. Обновляйте и дополняйте музыкальные плейлисты друг друга исключительно теми мелодиями, которые действительно крепко сидят в ваших головах и Вы, на данный момент, ежедневно слушаете их. Избавьте себя от зависимости и передайте другим. ;) Разумеется, желательно с официальных источников. Upd: Модераторы, поддержите автора закрепом. Upd 2: Сообщество, поддержите тему.
  2. RexxSkan

    Warspear music

    Fala ai rapaziada saiu a primeira musica do ALBUM LEGIÃO ... Conteudo WARSPEAR TRAP! Quem poder estar divulgando, serei eternamente grato! Hi everyone, the first song from the legion album is out... WARSPEAR TRAP content! Whoever is promoting, I will be forever grateful! Привет, ребята, вышла первая песня с альбома legiao ... Контент WARSPEAR TRAP! Кто бы ни продвигал, буду бесконечно благодарен! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXLA1qI6Hok
  3. Fala ai rapaziada saiu a primeira musica do ALBUM LEGIÃO... Conteudo WARSPEAR TRAP! Quem poder estar divulgando , serei eternamente grato! Hey guys, the first song from the legiao's album came out... Content WARSPEAR TRAP! Whoever may be promoting, I will be eternally grateful! Привет, ребята, вышла первая песня с альбома legiao ... Контент WARSPEAR TRAP! Кто бы ни продвигал, буду бесконечно благодарен!
  4. Hello, I ask for new in-game musics. Would be cool if EPIC MUSIC is on when fight instead of what we actually have. Chill electro when afk or walking.... and even more deeper and weird music and songs for astral labyrinth and kronus labyrinth. Why not stressful music when u are in ennemies territories, and special music for any kind of events. Another good music for dungeons and it will be fine !!! What do u think about this? Ask for musics in comments
  5. Let's be honest: Warspear Online was way better when it had music. Nowadays you can only listen to the environment sound, which gets pretty annoying after a while. Bring back the music!! Not just the old ones, create an updated soundtrack with new tracks. Okay. I know it made the game laggy on some devices. SOME devices, and not all of them. Worked perfectly on PC for example and also on a lot of mobile phones. If you took music out because low-end devices cannot keep up to the developement of the game, maybe it is time to move on and raise the hardware requirements of the game? Also, you could announce a contest for making new music for the game. I would love it personally.
  6. Kind of like how each guild has a warehouse each guild should have a message board. This will be located in every town and when a player in a guild clicks on it they will be able to see an extended message much longer than the one seen in the guild menu. When the message is updated the guildhave will get an info: "Guild message board has been updated". Only leader and heir can update message board. This can be used to announce rules(no selling/buying in guild chat, # guild points needed weekly, no spamming, etc...), display what the guild needs(IE 2500000 gold and 41 unity signs needed to level up), or it can list off enemies the guild has, and much more.
  7. windows version 5.2. BGM was good when 5.1
  8. Hi! Where is warspear's music? Can bring it back pls?
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