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Found 3 results

  1. Aurax The Shadow Priest Gather around the fire, come on close The story I will tell you will leave you with no remorse. The story you will hear is of Aurax the priest No no, it is not boring it has a little twist. It is about a man that wandered the world Spreading around Harads sacred word. He started off in Lanhashard but quickly moved on He passed through Swamps and Irsnernort, places forgoten and long gone. He took on quests and monsters, he offered his help Accepting golden coins to settle the small debt. He rushed to the battle against the attacking legion, sentinels mighty foe Regrouping with other warriors under the oath "That's it, no more!" The battles were continuous they were long and hard The outcome was not always good but hey it was not bad. The story goes along in Ayvondil the land of kindness and good deeds A place as such as promising fulfilling a seekers needs. The isle was rich of dungeons and promises were made But somewhere here the story starts to fade. The story end with rumours and what others might have said I hope my fellow listeners its worth what you have paid. "The priest was kind of weird for others he did not heal All taking loud and wondering what was the guys deal? They say his lust of power made him want to be a mage Others say his faith of Harad slowly turned him a sage."
  2. "I heard before that ressurection magic was possible in this world, but this is the first time I experienced one. A terrifying yet unfogettable experience." Someone assigned me a mission to find an item they called RELIC that has been stolen by treasure hunters. A mission asked by a man named Gwido from the one of the abondoned house located in ghost village. I humbly accept the mission not only for valuable rewards but also to help them to take back the thing that they gathered during berangar times. In my journey, i've ask many people might know where the relics can be locate. From the nearest village "kamp-riff" i head north to east hoping that one of caravaners from "Eastern Caravan Camp" might hold a hint of relics location. While travelling, I've encounter many creatures such as scatterbrain spiders which the humor said that you can hardly get something good from them. So i just ignored them and focus on my journey. I was happy when i reached "Rocky Foothills" means that in a couple of times i will be in caravan in no time. But suddenly my body fell into the land in an instant i was distracted. And feel a painful sliced in my body, and that moment i've seen all my life in a second and knew that i was dying, theres not enough time to process on what happened to me. Before i completely lose conciousness, i've seen a man in a mask wearing purple robe and armed with a shining daggers standing in front of me, and im really sure there was no one in that area when i arrived and he suddenly banished again. A terrifying experience for a happy go lucky adventurers that never knew the cruel rules of this world. Thank you for reading.
  3. The Shadow Of Spring is Based off of the Shadows that sprawl over the Land of Arinar in Spring Time when Rain Covers The Land to Breathe Anew The Armor Resembles That of the Arinar Legend,The one of how the Spring Prince passed away into Wickedoras Clutches who made him become The darkness that comes with the Storm. (PS sorry for bad Image Qaulity hope the Color Scheme and Body is Enough to Base a costume off of)
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