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Found 5 results

  1. Introduction & Description: "..Not even the Blissful Isle escaped from the wickedness of evil witches and along with the isle many other creatures were infected and suffered the consequences of their sorcery. Mushrooms were once known for their sweetness and gentleness throughout the blissful land. But after being cursed, the blighted mushrooms became clumsy monsters trampling everything and everyone around them. The antidote for healing them lies in the confines of the Blessed Isle, waiting to be revealed.." different colors:
  2. The Damned Son. He is the heir of marakosh , the son of the Black Elm. He was cursed by wickedora to kill his father Black Elm and he got stabbed by one of its guards. The Damned Son is hiding into the woods of Ayvondil THE DAMNED SON UPDATED!! PLEASE WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!
  3. A long time ago a child was born were the HUMAN, ELF, ORC, and even the UNDEAD they were fighting for their own live. When the day come to end of the war the no one know who win A good blooded Blacksmith ORC found a child the First born with the blood of the ELF AND HUMAN. The ORC raise the child to be blacksmith and a strong warrior were they fought for survival … the young child grow up making it own weapon armory ORC teach him well. He made his own equipment a good one. With silver plated, light blue cape and Violet of dead armor. And helm of two eye. but he want mor
  4. Hello everyone, my creation was created after a good few hours of work. I wanted it to be related to warspear online, but also to be original and have an element of love as the closing date is the 15th which is a day past Valentine's. I also wanted to create a costume which would be unique but also fit in with warspear online colours and themes. So here it is Story: Years had passed after the lands of Arinar had separated, it was far from peaceful but that's to be expected from a world full of wondering hero's. Both evil and good had been facing each other in bat
  5. Hi its my first time to present my work So I made azrael which the costume colored black with something gray combination lol... Head is consist of combining little dark color ..lol my english dilevery is bad sorry .. Azrael has scythe in his back which he use to get a soul for those who is ready for death ... He is a servant of God which obey the command of the God.. He is known Angel Azrael in Hebrew.. That's all and I believe this would be nice costume in aigrind one day if this would be participated in contest Pleasure Up to you GM if you
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