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  1. Jcbreff Go make your own , The size must be 34-45 pixels , You can make using paint , Photoshop , paper. IF YOU CAN DRAW A FIGURE WITH PERFECT BOXES YOU'RE AMAZING ;)
  2. look at the instructions , we can use paint , photoshop. Make a drawing: (!) IN PIXEL ART STYLE: the costume’s height should be 34-45 pixels (squares), width — no more than 24 pixels (squares); you may check the works from the previous year for inspiration; in any format: use paper, copybook, Photoshop, Paint or whatever; in any perspective: but it’s enough to make a front view.
  3. The Damned Son. He is the heir of marakosh , the son of the Black Elm. He was cursed by wickedora to kill his father Black Elm and he got stabbed by one of its guards. The Damned Son is hiding into the woods of Ayvondil THE DAMNED SON UPDATED!! PLEASE WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!
  4. Nicebuddy

    semi retiring.

    Thats true. even if youre lvl 24 , you can be killed by an mcoin user lvl18 lock with full expert skill so thats imbalanced. PLEASE MAKE AN ACTION ON THIS , DONT MAKE NON SENSE COMMENTS
  5. I just noticed that the MC side characters are better than ELF side characters , please do some action on this or change some expert skills to make the characters or both side balance. I really hate the developers and it seems like their favorite characters are in MC side , please check if the characters are balanced before making new skills or updates , just imagine the skill of dk and barb , they are really a tank because dk has BIG HP HEAL when low hp , barb cant be died because of prevention it remains 1 HP only but you can skill kill. Now look at the other side... We do not have anything like that... Warlocks and Necros. warlocks have stuns(new update with the water skill slow + stun) , fear , silence , and necros has sleep , skill no cooldown + damage reduction , fear. but lets take a look at the other side , ELF side , mages have fear but only a chance with skill combo , and immunity to dodge all the disables which is a good thing , but after the immunity mages can be killed by a lock without any damage because of many disabling skills. PRIESTS - armistice can disable one but can attack others , debuff only. whats happening in this game?? I am an mcoin buyer but I dont want the updates and I dont like it. as well as the amping percentage. I spent 50sets sign already on my +9 horror lvl26 mace. it cant be amped. please make an action on this one. and please fix the skills and updates. ITS SO UNFAIR FOR US ELF SIDE. first of all you nerfed the banner of the paladins and now the counter attack? but the poison of rouges are still 450+? bloody hell...
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