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  1. Thank you all The problem in creating a cute mushroom is that it wouldn't be creative, as we may find these kind of characters in other games. get it? well, glad you enjoy the costume otherwise. Thanks!!
  2. Introduction & Description: "..Not even the Blissful Isle escaped from the wickedness of evil witches and along with the isle many other creatures were infected and suffered the consequences of their sorcery. Mushrooms were once known for their sweetness and gentleness throughout the blissful land. But after being cursed, the blighted mushrooms became clumsy monsters trampling everything and everyone around them. The antidote for healing them lies in the confines of the Blessed Isle, waiting to be revealed.." different colors: I hope you like my art, this is a spring themed costume, with a lot of ugliness and that makes it unusual and fresh! I tried to make it likeable,though ^^ I started posting before midnight, but I got several error messages about using emojis in the title and I couldn't get this approved.I hope this doesn't affect my entry :)
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