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Found 2 results

  1. I said , I will do all astral labrynth bosses solo, in my last video , I did but it took more than 45 mins so I just upload the last one Khazh-Maar (EYE BOSS). I used 10-12 pcs hp pots but i did not get any drop Anyway I hope u will enjoy with my new video Khazh-Maar's Mask
  2. New players are coming to play Warspear. But they just doing quest everyday and dungeon sometimes. They don't know what's inside a cave at south T5. When I was lv.16 I came there and saw Triangle Portal with strange sound, many guards stand outside the portal. I think it's a PVP area. I've tried to enter and see around the Labyrinth. Lot of mobs patrol there, four with 6K HP and one mob with 400 HP. When I attack one of them, they attack me too. I killed immediately. Never come back anymore. Not until someone chat in WChat want doing Lab. I go to Lab Portal and two pts ready there. They
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