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Found 6 results

  1. Творец Творец- уникальный для мира Аринара человек, точно никто не может сказать, откуда он( по его неубедительным рассказам он из Вальгалы), но походит больше всего на горца или избранного, просто который забыл про бритву лет на пять. Но происхождение данного мужичка не играет большой роли, а вот его род деятельности- ещё как! Он является непосредственно тем, кто делает мрачный мир Аринара краше. Спросите как? А все довольно просто- он придумывает и лично шьёт, создаёт различные наряды для искателей приключений. И неважно, какую сторону в противостоянии занимает приключенец. Вещицы найдутся для любого, кто готов делать мир ярче и прекраснее только с помощью своего наряда. И за десятки лет своей честной и ответственной работы набралось настолько много образов, что мужичок и сам не все помнит, зато своё заслуженное звание в мире он уже получил- Творец… Вот и он. Почему он ещё не удостоился своего личного костюма в игре? Не порядок, надеюсь, что когда-то введут его, даже если не в результате данного конкурса, ну заслужил же мужик!
  2. Ио - странник, могущественное существо, несущие гармонию за собой в свет. Его редкое появление в мире, считается великим праздником. Войны в мире заканчиваются, природа утихает и приходит в стабильное состояние, на долгие годы после его мимолетного пришествия. Никто точно не знает что за существо скрывается под маской, но не один правитель не решается как либо перечить и противостоять Ио, в страхе расправы за попытку дерзнуть такой силе. Не ясно почему странник обладая такой силой несет только спокойствие в мир, каковы его мотивы и почему он не устраивает тиранию, как делают это люди получая большую силу и власть. Детали костюма: 1. Чуть выпуклая ромбовидная маска/шлем. 2. Сдвоенные наплечники с чешуйчатой укладкой. 3. Тело и пояс. 4. Низ одеяния. Пост изменен. С радостью приму критику и мысли о данном костюме. Благодарю.
  3. No soy bueno con las palabras, pero con todo mi corazón les deseo un feliz año nuevo y que cada día esté lleno de alegría y felicidad con sus familias y seres queridos... también envía un abrazo a cada uno de los desarrolladores del juego, porque son parte importante si no pudieran seguir jugando, para más retos en el juego de warspear feliz año nuevo
  4. This will most likely be my last post here, It just seems useless to further say anything about rogue as rebalance just showed alot of issues have not been addressed. For a class that has been complained about pretty much the most, people had much higher expectations in terms of buffs/reworks Just gonna talk about main buffs and the problems they didnt fix as rebalance is still going: 1st. Absolute reflexes: decent addition to rogue's survivability, basically mage barrier but with dodges. However the numbers are slightly off. You are able to gurantee dodge 1 hit and that dodge lasts 0.7 sec after that, there is a 4 sec cd, that is enough for rogue to be finished. the issue is 0.7 sec is not enough to dodge significant amount of dmg as rogue doesn't have any dmg reduction skill or shield to help with it, so after dodging, needs to atleast stay for 1.5sec and its talent increase that duration by 0.5 sec. 2. Tirelessness talent: the worst rework I've ever layed my eyes on. It's one of the main 3 talents for rogue and needs so much grind to get -5 accuracy on enemy's hits lol Absolutely a joke. -5 accuracy makes literally no difference as anyone can put 1-2 accuracy enchants in gears and that talent is useless. Even if they dont, -5 accuracy wont make much difference and for a talent thats suppose to be a main talent, this is a good way to give a trailer to starter rogues that this class isn't worth it. The previous talent was useless and you had 1 whole year only to replace it with another useless talent. Needs immediate change to 10% dmg reduction or raising that accuracy decrease to -15%. These two are my most concerns about the rebalance. Furthermore alot of issues remains about rogue that you have again neglected and will send rogue into another year of being behind such as: -Dodge skill is still stuck at 10 secs when it needs to be 15 secs. This was in every suggestion post but wasn't fixed -kick in the back skill is just outdated now and needs another debuff power to it like dmg reduction debuff or perhaps make it that it increases dodge duration if dodge is active. Atleast it will fix dodge duration being short and make kick useful again. -Poison skill animation is still ridiculously long and people said to decrease animation time yet remains a problem -Rogues heal being 15% makes no sense, as lifesteal gives you more heal, its just useless, you can literally test how weak that heal is. Increase to 20-25% heal atleast Those are my main thoughts on the rebalance and issues that still remains with rogue. I thought to share them here while rebalance is still in progress. Otherwise if no any additional fixes would be made, this will be my last post here and will slowly stop playing the game and supporting it financially. I do wish the game the best and to be more vocal and transparent in the future when it comes to these rebalances as people are leaving more and more due to the lack of response from concerns and cold shoulder
  5. Rogue is the most useless class as of now. there is no reason anyone should use this class. Never gets picked for gvgs, has no purpose or uniqueness to it anymore due to other classes just being MUCH better No idea who these developers are but you guys have abandoned this class truly. What in the world is a melee class doing in 2023 warspear with no basic defense skill? If in the next rebalance rogue doesn't get buffed massively, pretty much consider everyone will quit this class. Already 90% have quit the game or just moved classes lol Suggestions: (please pay attention to these suggestions as they are what all rogues would like to see happen:) *Dodge skill: buff: increase duration to 15-20 secs. No idea why it is 10 secs now as dodge is not even a stable defense skill. 10 secs is way too low. *Kick in the back: (rework) the skill becomes some smoke bomb the rogue throws away and it creates a smoke effect, lowering all who comes in touch with smoke accu by 35% and pene by 15%. Why is this skill so outdated? It should not be a melee skill! The game has moved from solo play to more group like activity, so make this skill ranged aoe. *Stealth: (rework): Either increase movement speed when stealth active or add some resistance to char when leaving effect. *Absolute reflexes: Buff: Skill no longer buffs atk speed or dodge, instead it lowers all incoming dmg by 5% for 4 stacks each time rogue dodges. Once 20% dmg redu is reached it stays for 8 secs and reset. This is absolutely one of the most useless skills on warspear for rogue. Rogue can reach max dodge without it! FIX IT IMMEDIATELY. It should be its main defense mechanism instead it gives such useless buffs for such low duration. *Poisonous blades: (rework) The skill now engulfs rogue with a poison shield for 10 secs and any dmg he does will be accompanied with poison damage over time. While the skill is in effect and combined with trick skill, it heals 25% of character hp even if trick skill gets dodged, parried etc. So basically buff the heal from 15% to 25% and let poison be applied to all targets from ricochet skill. Summary: Rogue has been lacking in having a stable reliable defense skill, while also being useless in group activities. So devs need to compensate the class in those aspects respectively otherwise just remove the class as it no longer has any purpose or any charm to it. Goodluck devs, this year is probably rogue's last plea of hope @Dr Strange @Nolan
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