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  1. agree with solo suggestion. i tired stuck with player 3-4 lvls under me as partner to duel
  2. Can't find this place on map, can you show it on the image I give of map? Nothing :-/ ------- I even go to map 2 and still no available quests there
  3. Avilable Quest List Hello, I Suggest Add "Avilable Quest" Tab At Quest Section, So Player Like Me Who Stuck Without/Can't Find Quest Can Easly Look Where And Who Should They Speak With To Keep Enjoy Game. This Suggest Come After I See Manny Players & Me(Right Now lvl 10 99.9%) Stuck Without Quests And Start Make Post Like This: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=69182.0 http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=68840.0 http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=68630.0 http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=68625.0 http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=68799.0 and manny other... Anyway This Suggestion Should Improve Gaming. Fell Free Give FeedBack. Here Exmple I Made ( On Paint ;D ) I On Work So Left Without Photoshop :P when you click on avilable quest, It's Show You The Locaiton On Map.
  4. I Stuck On 99.9% To lvl 11 ( 4 Exp To lvl ) I Have Been Walk Over All Towns And Could Not Find Any Missing Quests. Anyone Know Any Location That I Should Go TO Get Some?
  5. Then "Recall" 85% of World I-Devices. Cydia only way to improve Your I-Devices.
  6. oh.... and i can't get it, why all can and just me can't... Thanks
  7. How I Write In Trade Chat Next To Linked Weapon? When i Click "Into Chat"> Trade Chat, It's Write On Chat And Not GIve ABility To Add Few Words Before/After Like Sell/Price Etc... How Add Text With Items Linked On Trade CHAt?
  8. Hello Guys, Tolday i test my first enchant with Spheres and i destroy my weapon from +2>+3, And left on lvl 10 with lvl5 sword ( no money for better one ). So When Next Time ill Enchant Something I Want To Know The %% Of Enchanthing And What + Are Safe From Destory. Thanks For Help.
  9. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=68805.0 I Think This What You'r Searching. Help us make this dearm Come True
  10. Aprox time when it's will back?
  11. When You see Thared Tittle Named : Warehouse\Bank\stash Suggestion What You Can Understand From That Tittle? I Give SUggestion To Improve The Game, And : moderators= Forum Watch Etc. devolopers\admins= Yes, They The One Who Make Our Suggestion Come True.
  12. As Owner Of Manny Private MMORPG Servers, 99.9% No Way Back Deleted Chars. When You Delete Your Char It's Deleting It From DataBase(SQL) Means There Are No Way To Restore It. You'r Delate=Admin Delete.
  13. The Same Question I Ask.....
  14. And the idea i give not the same "unique" System? Just Not Requesting You Cary All on the way? And If I Right Now lvl 10, and i buy some awsome sword for lvl 15 for really cheap price, Why Should I cary it on my bag All This 5 lvls Until i can use it? When The Simple Solution its Warehouse\Bank\stash Suggestion It's May Start Even With 2-3 Slots, And Every Extra slots will cost Same MC cost like Extra Bag At This Moment, "Extra Bank Slot" ( For Exmple Of Name )
  15. Sad But True. I Have To Solo 3-4k HP Mini-bosses Alone On lvl 8, Even After Request Help Kill some boss on Trade\area chat, No Replays :/ high lvls should helping Each others And Mostly Help Low lvls :friends:
  16. When I Ask FeedBack I Mean It, But This Faces Aint FeedBack Anything :( . If You Don't Like THe Idea Please Let Me/Us Know Why? I Made Suggestion To Improve The Game.
  17. :dirol: Manny Suggestion Are Crapy here, And This One Good For Players And Good For Admins.
  18. What Is Warehouse\Bank\stash? Warehouse is a commercial Npc\building for storage of goods Instead of carrying all on you'r bag. Most, If Not All Of The MMORPG's Have NPC\Building\GEM For Storage Weapons,Armors,Mats And Items etc.... I Made This Suggestion Thared After See This One : http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=68768.0 Ppl Don't Need Extra Accouts, Ask Friends, Ask Ingame Players ( And Get Tricked Some Of Times ) And Other "Short-Cuts" When The Solution For This Simple Situation It's Have Ability To Store Items At Warehouse\Bank\Stash And Not Play "Brain Chalange" (How Should I Transfer Items/Gold To My Other Char) This Warehouse\Bank\Stash Should Be The Same For All Player Characters With Limited Nomber Of Slots (+Items To $$MC$$ Shop To Increase The Slots). Hope You Like My Suggestion, Fell Free To Feedback it. Abuse Replay Will Be Forbidden & Reported If Necessary, Please Respect Each Other. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other MMORPG's Warehouse\Bank\Stash:
  19. You know the little House\NPC That You Can Stored Some Items, and not hold all on you'r bag. Like at aion, Mu and 100% of other mmorpgs.
  20. i like this moment ;D : "but now .. StILL ØP."
  21. Is There Warehouse? Or Not? I Need Something Around "Moraktar"
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