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  1. I officially rename this thread to "People who have helped you". Tbh I've never heard of most those players, and never got help from any of them. The only one I can think of that helped me was zhorongu or w.e, hut he also refused helping me too. Most people will help it just depends on yohr approach, what u need done, and where you are.
  2. I mean it absolutely infuriates me, but those pictures made me LOL.
  3. Those that claim to be helpers are liars. I used to help a lot, but just the ignorance of low levels. I mean the not saying thank you is one thing. But once you help someone they think you are bff, and will message you for every little thing. Sure i helped you kill elf spy, that doesnt mean im going to pay 270g to come back and ruin my armor on all your other bosses. It also doesn't mean i have free stuff, or that i can get you mcoin items. And im overly nice, when you get to second island I can get on my shaman and tank all the bosses u need. But get to the second island first. Atleast then I can get an exceptable drop.
  4. I have fun too, but the game is dying, you see it everyday. Astral is empty, shoot I farmed an enemy boss for several hours without a legitimate threat. Instead of adding more useless crap, why dont you enhance what you already have. More space means jack, if its less players. Non ranked arena, better mcoin prices, exp from bosses, even if its only 1 exp, higher level cap, skill cap, even add more skills. My dk is my fave char, but did we really need new factions? I mean what's the difference between a mc and a forsaken? Really? Maybe cross faction trading, where you get taxed more for trading to other factions. I can think of a million things to make this game better, random teleports and new factions are not on that list.
  5. What's the point of having drops, like norlant crystals for bows or mace, if ur a mc? Why have enemy items to begin with?
  6. When I started a few months back, there was maybe 100 1 star ratings. Now there is 1000+ Does that not bother you? A lot of hate for the new update(i lowered my reading down from a 5 because of it). A lot of people saying they were 18+ level chars that are done with the game because of it. In fact i havent seen a six shadows party in forever. I kmow you mean the best, but development is killing this game. All you guys char about is how much money you can make. Let's have a new island that drops new items or decent items at a high rate? Why so now you can push more signs, and defense orbs out of the shop(based of the gold value of def orbs, why they so expensive in store? Not to mention the small fortune it costs for repairs. You have become money hungry, the people have spoken, and i dont think you have listened.
  7. That's some funny ish, i definetly said that too.
  8. Yea because I want your weak arse on my team. I don't do randoms for that reason. If you are sitting there with bum gear you have no business in arena to begin with.
  9. Who here has clicked on pick all up then clicked on the next enemy just to waste mcoins cause a pop ip says ur out of space, buy 5 more slots? Or in the middle of battle, and your weapon breaks, all your armor is fine, but you repair all anyways? This is a scam. You need to put a confirmation so people don't waste mcoins on stuff they don't need. Over 1500 mcoins to date wasted. Fix ASAP, that's not a suggestion, its a demand. >:D
  10. Spent a week trying to get there. Picked up the quest to get shamans staff, 2 Tele found him; score. Click on shaman he gives me staff, towers blasting me, thank god for high heal. Game crashes. Back on first town. Guess i wont be able to collect for a week, ballin!
  11. You could stop crying and go to pvp cave...just saying. But there probably ahould be unranked arena boughts that dont require tickets. Maybe give exp for the ranked arenas. Every 1000 ap gets 10 exp. Or 1v1 arena.
  12. I lol'd. You got a lot of haters because your gear is all mcoined out. You pk low levels then pm them to say how good you are. You have an over inflated ego, and this thread is further proof of the obvious. I personally don't mind you, is much rather have someone who is legit run his mouth, then a lot of the garbage thats on there running there mouths. I just wanted to say Dick head or not, i like your style. Mind games work on some of these kids.
  13. afropunk

    Arena Heal.

    Not sure if this is normal, or if anyone else has had this problem, but my heal in arena is messed up. Sometimes it casts 225, other times 209, even as low as 185. It's not be ause my life is only down 185(I thought of that already). It just doesn't cast the same at all times.
  14. This. More then anything the potential to get several item drops on one quest has really lowered the market value of said items.
  15. It was the only quest on the new island I liked. Now there is zero quests on the new island i like. You can't do a god damn single one of them because there are people camping the damn things. And i don't mean stupid weak elves(even though they are there plenty of then roamong around). Your own faction camps against you. So here is my suggestion. Instant death for touching a boss thats not yours. Personally I like a permaban, but thats going to be hard to enforce. So make it that the bosses do 20k damage to the non quester. I. Any even begin to articulate my frustration when after 3 hours of searching for the right portal, I dont even get to fight the 2nd boss, and I don't get to collect.
  16. I'm with you. You sond an hour getting to a quest. No one gives u any crap. You finally find a quest, and some dickhead elf blows u away. This is the single worst update of an.y game in history. Simply attrocious.
  17. And use it to prevent the release of this abomination of an upda :pleasantry:te.
  18. I honestly think the developers owe us all an apology. 20 repair scrolls and about every penny I own later, i have a couple dull crystals and some good looking items to show. I have no coin to repair. Don't get payed for 10 days. And even when i do I have no plan to support this game financially until they make up to us for screwing the game up. I literally got stuck on the forsaken island trying to help newbs because I couldnt afford the boat trip back. My Google play review went down to a one star. Fix it now, or I'm done. The small fortune I spent on your game says you should take care of us.
  19. I demand all my money i spent on mcoins back immediatly. Either that or 1000 repair scrolls. Giant gummy bear hit me with an 8k damage. All my items broke in 2 minutes. Random teleports equals where the hell am i. This is pathetic.
  20. If uh leave because you didn't right down your is number then yea it is stupid. Even though the game should 100% be email based. Hopefully they are taking care of those people. One get out of jail free card. My brother made this mistake. So we sent an email with his chars, there lvl, his friends, we shall see. First thing i did was link my account to an email. I do Android development, and in return i brick a phone everiy couple months. I saw the potential for this problem. And now a ton of people do too. :facepalm:
  21. Dumbest question of all time... You guys wee waiting for approval from Apple. We android users didn't have to wait for that. FYI instead of flooding the forums with spam you should read the other posts first. It says on the official release post that Apple users may have to wait a few days. It's bad work by aigrind, to look out, and ultimately lose some Apple customers, but its not the end of The world. Now that you have hours of free time, get outside, get some sun, get some exercise. Your body will thank you for it, trust me.
  22. You know this thread would be like 2 pages long if people weren't so Damn lazy, and actually read what other posts. So let me recap what we learned. Google play downloads get a black screen. I uninstalled then downloaded apk from site. Problem solved. I didn't have data cache problem, but the million symbian users (that dont know how to read, I might add) have had such problems. I read in another thread the iPhone version is going to be a few days. Do we have a general time frame? I play on Android, so I'm good. But my brother plays on iphone. Don't want to create a char then have to redo everything. Shoot we can't even play with our old characters. For the life of me i cant figure out how you can release patch(not a whole new game, but just an update, a required update) for several platforms but leave one out. Now those players are completely locked out. :facepalm: Seems like common sense.
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