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  1. I'll try, but I'm wondering why there are 3 servers for Russia. I believe so, I've started
  2. Thank you for your advice. I'm having hard time in US-Sapphire, since it is lack of players, no one can help me with quests.
  3. Hi guys, I am a come-back player. I used to play in Us-Sapphire, but it is lack of players. I'm thinking about moving to another server, where has active players. Russian servers are seemingly awesome but they are not English speakers. Should I move there? Any English speaker community in Russian servers? Thanks in advance.
  4. oh ty, i found it, in the bar Altgard :D
  5. I play a paladin and i cant find any quest on map, plz help me :(
  6. Forseti

    where is 3.0?

    Kuz has apologized and the upgrade is switched on 26th
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