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    Best island

    ok like i see my topic got a very fast answer 8) :yahoo: ;D
  2. Dear players of Arinar m here 2 buy/sell/exchange items n ill put the list about wt m selling/buying n exchanging n beginning with those Buying : Qualative signet ring (without ench) for 2k, pm xmk Rune of fortitude (x3) for 6k, pm swissmaker Rune of darkness (x2) for 4k, pm swissmaker Crystal of deadliness (x2) for 6k, pm swissmaker Selling : +5 acute broadsword (dodge ench 1.9%) for 10.25k-10250g, pm zerozek Fancy ring (without ench) for 1500g, pm nikdruid Exchanging : Desert Wanderer's Mantle (without ench) for Desert Wanderer's Smock, pm nikdruid Abyss Zealot's Chased ring (without ench) for Abyss zealot's Delicate ring, pm nikgot
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    Best island

    Dear player of Arinar, choose ur best island ;D gudluck ;) ::)
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    1.no its random 2. u can farm it without 10 pple np
  5. all theres a topic for this topic ?? :D ill find it n link the link 2 u bt its about the places that u can find in it nt about all day
  6. ill tell u 1 thing unbinding is a bad thing cuz when u unbind the item all the amps be +0 n 0 enchs with 0 repair n mayb with high items like those those very very gud items mayb ull lose the item this is my advice n thx for listening
  7. is there any 1 selling pme in game us saphire u can see my chrs name in my signature
  8. tackless nt shackless n lallous bro its a bug nt a fix issue
  9. m a elf nt a mc n np ill w8 2 :good:
  10. x

    menu screen

    check this link out : http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=84227.0
  11. 1st even if its the best items in game it doesnt mean anything all pple sell it like i said the pple who sell these items i said about it higher than than the price i said those noobs pple 2nd here ur saying it pple r wasting their time on buying things nt in the real price like u said serpent for 500k thats for 200k n about its ur time n money m complaining rightly like prince here hes saying that m right n born 2 so ur the wrong here n i k hw 2 use my money dnt worry 3rd that who trade doom is nt something wrong even if the price is wrong bt np n buying for 1m this isnt right just doom blade with +4 can sold for that mch n brigandine for 800k thats very very very noob cuz doom blade is for 750k the most expensive doom ever hw does a brigandine is highest than him in price n thats a armor n thats the most highest price for lvl 18 items 4th thx for listening n this is wt m saying n all who post here theyre saying that m right so think again jaralaxe about r u doing if u wnt sell it for that mch sell it np i dnt hv a problem with u about that m just telling u the right thing here n thx again for listening
  12. 1st all armors lvl 18 fro 250k 2nd all staves lvl 18 for 350k 3rd which scepter ur talking about 4th u hv 2 tell the faction 5th thx for listening n i dnt wnt buy if ur thinking me wnt buy just saying my advice or u can say comment or post or anything wnt call it :wacko:
  13. x

    new pic !!!

    no the last ws mage n warlock
  14. x

    new pic !!!

    thats the king harrad bro n hes vsing king orin the fckin evil :diablo: :diablo: just the only strongest king n hes the king nuadu can kill king orin the fckin bad evil king
  15. x

    new pic !!!

    all u saw the new pic for the game nice 1 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  16. bro the last 1 is Dragon hunter nt slayer n the 3 ice armor gears nice i k that nw bt i k that he drops the costume n i wnt this costume fast
  17. Dear players, m lking for some 1 sells Blade dancer's qutfit for 18k bt cuz 2day theres discounts for 25% m buying for 17k so plz whos selling 2day 1st of may n till 6th may pme fast !!! n thx !!
  18. x

    Best Faction

    Choose your best faction!
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