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  1. i have better idea xD not cool to put '(class)' in name section but u can put in ur signature wht class u r xD
  2. thx this clan is very organized :) i chose bd in first section cuz there wasnt paladin class xD u put me in paladin?
  3. put paladins too ? :P its fair fight paladin vs bd
  4. zeusxelie paladin lvl20 :P wana join
  5. and i forgot apocalypto wtf wrong with him --'
  6. i have one strategy i use in cross war when mc/forsaken blocks works everytime xD u get 15-20seconds immortality i use it to make other elf cross and kill warlocks :)
  7. try recover using mail assigned to it if the hacker didnt change ^^ if doesnt work ill kill him on site :P
  8. :D cool story.. Noob warlock thinks he can kill ranger :P
  9. i can see --' i mean who choose other than me
  10. xD still hard to read but read 90% :) cool
  11. i didnt try copy/paste but im pretty sure doesnt work in the message field :) u have to attach the pics using 'attachments and other options'
  12. u go to 'Best Christmas story-comic' (u should see all the comics posted )click on 'new post' located top or bottom of page then u put ur subject and ur text than click on 'attachment' and browse ur pics if u got more than one click other attachment u'll get a second browse and than 'post' :)
  13. lol it confused for abit complicated but cool :)
  14. elforme i cant read ^^ make it into 2pics
  15. gd then if u dont care about the contest this post should be tavern or sapphire section :) tc play nice
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