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  1. In the first pic the bat is covering my pretty face :cray: ;D
  2. You pvp'ed Enichi so you obviously were ok with it. So why you not want to pvp with me? You are scared? And i am not rich at all :(
  3. Enichi say pvp Jaw and Analyze say ok, that does not mean you kill me :unknw:
  4. Jaw not pvp, he say pvp in arena but jump you :facepalm:
  5. Lol @ first comment: Buying "high gloves" of berenger's guard. ;D
  6. Please add Coolcatkid and Godsdagger, they are really good friends of mine ;D
  7. My ranger pm you today and you told me :P
  8. How come there isn't a incomplete rune for Resistance? There is one for every other rune except Resistance. It could be worth 1.9% like the incomplete rune of dodge.
  9. Congrats to Legionn on his +10 Gladius :good:
  10. Lol now there is 2 Erikalts on the list :facepalm:
  11. @Godsrevivaling what are you talking about "noob clan"? You are a level 8 and all you did was sit in town and talk shit like Beastmodes. That's why you're not in the clan anymore. And P.S you were on the "members to be added list" so you technically weren't even in.
  12. Lol why is Jaw even on the list? :facepalm:
  13. They should change how the Paladin's aura works in arena, because if you are with a partner that has a healing skill the aura should be able to boost it without having to be in a party because it pretty much is a party in arena. Just a suggestion :good:
  14. Yay Champz and Dmarzo joining :clapping:
  15. Same with iPhone, usually crashes when I walk into Ghost Village or Gwido's house in Ghost Village.
  16. I have recruited someone who wants to join. Name: Aiodarkelf Level: 15 Class: Bladedancer
  17. Things MC say: Lets hide in Riff cave because we can't kill anyone on our own, we need NPC's to do all the work!
  18. Yes I like Swaaz's idea. And I think we should just be together more, like if you see a clanmate standing in town, go stand with them, or do arena together if you are in the same bracket, right now we just walk by each other like they are just another player.
  19. You can change my level to 20 ;D ;D
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