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  1. wtf, im already download 4 time for bad update version, first download still got data caching again n again, 2nd to 4th download, uneble to install problem for my symbian. that very poor,
  2. uneble to install for my symbian 6210c :) now i can say goodbye for all
  3. there are always errors and bugs after the update, why GM never learned from a previous update? or indeed have not been able to make products without any errors
  4. asu ki GM e sui tnen fix e, wis ra kerjo 2 hari gro2 nungguin game dancok ki
  5. maybe all symbian player must resign first bcse bored still waiting, then that eror will be fix :!
  6. i cant play bcose i got problem data caching again n again, anyone have got same problem with me?
  7. dont say final stage bfre sms payment for indonesian player not fix
  8. so,when indonesia cay buy m.coin with sms payment, bcoz we indonesian player need it for alternative to buy m.coin to be easy. please make it quick
  9. little bug fixed n we must download new updete again, why nt updet game with full version
  10. same like my problem, i cant login bcse still got updete pop up
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