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  1. I am more in to changes that done with interface then skills in this update. These are really great features and help game to be smooth. But I had one problem that my screen was shaking when i walk left and right directions aswell as some ppl I asked had same problems. Hope that be fixed or I will be blind
  2. It's nice to see features I was thinking on it for so long,coming to live. As far as I see updates getting way more better compare to past years. But I think we should still work more on the skills. Giving attack strength to warden looks weird. What's next for warden become new blade dancer? Ranger get's a stun skill but it works with condition. I hope that doesn't work from melee yard cause it's enough disappointment that it works with such condition. Cause am not really fan of Hunter's Cage while it gives defence to my opponent aswell as they can still use skills while in cage. I find pointless to use it mostly times. A question tho if we will get any more expert skill slots?
  3. I think if he were know English he would go to English(International) forum.
  4. looks delicious It would be nice to have some gift tickets and maybe a gladiator elixir at the beginning of the seasons,maybe not to all players but atleast ppl that that did go arena last season or could be in reward for top 50! What I mean is game should give bit more gifts to players to courage them to do something.
  5. like they have chance when they face higher level and higher equipped players ^^
  6. -+ 3 lvl in arena is totally unfair, don't think it will change any soon anyway. Just cause of that as you said some guilds or some ppl who thinks they own the arena always will be there.
  7. Well since Momba ate our tons of life scrolls,potions etc. and the possibility that it might go in bug. We haven't tried it after that. I mean this happened like 3 times. After Witch's Brew die Momba still under protection we cannot hit to Momba and when ppl go cross Witch's Brew getting reset to 1.5m hp.
  8. Is this book work when you have agression of 3 mobs,bosses etc. or 3 of them should attack you at same time? Is this even work with mobs,bosses etc. or just players? I hope someone atleast answer that here.
  9. congratulations to all winners and thanks for the set stamina better then chests anyway
  10. 204 runs from the moment I post this there's simply nothing. 5 chests opening and nothing. I got 3x etheral substance in 1 run and I was like woah best dg run ever
  11. Could you guys please also fix heavy lag problem? I don't know other servers but almost everyone in EU-Emerald lagging like hell
  12. What about using unity skill inside Momba's lair and pull low reputation ppl inside? Which normally they couldn't able to go there.
  13. Why you just line up all these things? I have no idea. These things you lined up is not in right place to talk first of all. And maybe they forgot about unity? Maybe they haven't thought about it? It's a possibility they did forgot about it. We are all human after all. I just show that so I can know if this how it should be or if it's happens by a mistake. So they could fix it if it happens by a mistake.I can imagine why you made this long. Let's don't bring personal game problems into forum. Thank you.
  14. The book boss drop worths more then 108k gp, imagine 0 reputation damagers goin inside and dropping book,costume etc. I haven't talked about achievements yet. For the guilds who want get achievement of it they need just 1 member of the guild to reach 5k or 15k reputation. Still sounds fair to you?
  15. It's more like a call for students so there's nothing wrong about that if it was say Arinar in danger yeah that might be.
  16. This is unfair and we both know that,game shouldn't allow ppl to enter there with unity skill if they haven't finished second course. Whats the matter then doing quests farming reputation? If just some ppl in a guild farm reputation enter boss area use unity then farm boss with their guildmates? Does this sounds fair to you?
  17. According to what it says here to enter Momba's Lair you need finish second courses which requires 5k reputation. But how come ppl can enter there without 5k reputation and without finish courses by using guild unity skill? @Holmes @Peony
  18. That bra made of steel and will protect you against vicious enemies Mystery of the Alchemist's Labyrinth missing quest marker.
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