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  1. It would be nice to add "Use" button on ferocity and resilence skills,instead keep put them in hotkeys and take them off later. Also a "Member Search" button for guilds would be cool aswell,instead keep scroll to find them in the list.
  2. event just start,there was no bonfire
  3. Yup. There's another problem about info of raid bosses. We went Kronus and It was dead 20 mins ago but info of Kronus defeat came like 25-30 mins later. Sometimes it doesn't show at all for Chernobog.
  4. Buffs suppose to stay 24h according the description but they doesn't. I guess description is wrong or there's bug about duration of effects.
  5. I suggest you to do clean installation after every update to not face such errors. Clear your Warspear Online cache from "applications" and uninstall Warspear Online then install it back from which store you use. Just in case if you didn't,make sure your account connected to an email adress before do that.
  6. It's not a big deal but my ranger doesn't show snowflakes effect anymore.
  7. While I was searching something in forum I think I found answer of your question aswell @Lazylion There it is:
  8. is it the solo one? that was really bad yeah,you couldnt fix it without die.
  9. I am not going harsh on them,I said maybe.. Also I said: The post you answered but none else.
  10. I think they stay forever(unless they delete it or change it) as long as they carry gifts,chests,etc. I had 300+ mails like 3 weeks. Well I made a suggestion and haven't got any answer about it that matters. I did it under snow event posts aswell. I got few more ideas but haven't reveal them cause probably it will be the same. Maybe they too much busy or they don't care.
  11. These types of magic damages(sun,dark,moon) all turned to one type of magic damage ages ago.
  12. Sonic Boom: A quick sweep of two weapons that creates a strong sound wave,causing damage to the opponents and enemies located nearby. When I read this I remember Hulk,that he makes huge sound wave with clapping his hands.While I checked Rush skill on my bladedancer I remember that. It's probably late to say this,maybe they could fix it in this update. What I want to say is that you can use this skill without weapons which i found it funny always
  13. New books are looking good! One more event compare to Horror Circus thats nice. Horror event was disappoint for me since I got bad luck which it was been my luckiest event. Let's see if be lucky in this one. Also I liked the effect of mobs respawn,effect of distortion of life book and the reindeer skill! Good job! Less yay ._. You got a real problem with Bladedancer
  14. It's a new stat,working as penetration but only for auto attacks.There's a book of it hope I can get one!
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