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    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: good good :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. I want buy more than 220 for time. Because payment of send sms is expensive :cray: pls Sir ADM, can have way on diferent values on SMS? On Brazil we buy only SMS Work on this pls :fool: :fool: :fool: PLEASE EU-emerald/FB/ Yorae level15
  3. not accepted! the arena level 11-14 is being invaded by level 15 where have you seen this? It is not fair because most weapons of this level is all bg someone needs to do something about it!
  4. :sorry: :fool: :sorry:
  5. yorae

    sooo soooorry

    i dont read! sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! now i has read... and see that no can send green messages Gomenasai Kuzmitch Senpai :sorry:
  6. yorae

    Kuzmitch char

    Kuzmitch plays warspear? What the his char name in Eu-Emerald? What the char of Warspear Equip I want see their on battle XD i want much much much known them!
  7. Already been observed long ago that the level 20 is max level in the game.Even doing the reputation quests level 20 only increase their status. in 3.0 there is a level greater than 20? and new quests for level 20? would be really cool if it had until the 40th, though much needed experience. would be an incentive for players over veterans
  8. Eu tive comprando m.coin por sms Sms é meu úmico meio de comprar m.coin No caso eu queria que aumentassem a quantidade que podemos comprar por sms a taxa de imposto do sms é muito cara e ficar comprando de pouco em pouco sai bem mais caro como não tenho cartão de crédito.... queria pedir ::)
  9. Can't show items in chat i open the bag and click in item and..... no have option " into chat" its some in cellphone :facepalm: must be repaired!!!
  10. i want amazing friends in 100 slots :clapping:
  11. yorae

    Breath of Fire 4

    Someone already played BOF4? :search: have one class ... Worrens have many class can to be used in Warspear. there are many other categories that do not necessarily fight. I like both the breath of fire 4 that would be very happy if they made a clothing worrens or tail of them I think I liked Warspear by reviewing the emotions of playing BOF4
  12. yorae


    i never found one :shok: what do "relic"?
  13. yorae

    MSN chat

    I think the MC abilities are more favored. I hate the guy who can be invisible, because it always kills me in treason. kkkkk uproar. Just picking on it. you have some chat on msn? passes I [email protected]
  14. yorae

    many Friends

    I suggested that the new version of Warspear has the capacity to have more friends. because we do not ki many many friends you can not add them all on your list. could have a longer list. please be so bad to have to delete the friends you already have .... :(
  15. someone help me become lvl 20? :fool:
  16. mais rico é a minha vó de cueca velho vocês não tem nada o que fazer, não? translate to portuguese brasil
  17. yorae

    About Karma

    what good karma? As I raise mine? :mega_shok: can anyone help me in my face no kidding?
  18. I want creat my suit....¬¬
  19. guys, if someone tells me no way ... I want to create a visual for my char I do not care about the money, provided they do not tear the vision, just wanted to make a single char. Tipow I design and everything, in short, is? hair and clothes that do not have in the game. And as if I should talk about it? Ty very..... :pleasantry:
  20. é isso aí! Em espanhol é mais fácil de entender, só ki pode ser a língua ki for eu amei esse game :lol:
  21. :aggressive: Que manutenção é essa? Quero Jogar :fool: Manutenção no dia da minha folga é pisada..... affz O jeito agora é eu sair de ksa e ver uns amigos
  22. Como consígue lo? I'm have not Karma.... Me noob, okay? kkk
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