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  1. Kid? Who the hell are you? It's a matter of opinion, your opinion, that he was best BD. You are entitled to that....kid.
  2. CapitanPoo

    Market Bug

    haha, maybe he want's full price for the broken item?
  3. You don't need a password. You can just go to the 'Buy Mcoin' link on the website. Then it ONLY asks for your account ID. At that point, put in your friends account ID. After that it directs you to paypal website, where you have to log in with your own username and password to actually send the money to that warspear ID. I don't see any violation of that.
  4. Yea, and Eisha was kind enough not to delete his BD. Sono did get that back after much crying to support.
  5. I agree with edge. Also, when I used to play my ranger, if blessing failed, it DIDN'T matter, because I was still hitting the opponent. Stealth and Gouge DO matter for a rogue. So basically in my daily gank runs, deep in opposing faction territory, I needed my stealth/gouge more than I needed blessing.
  6. Yes, I notice the game crashes at times for me when I load it now. Also, the chat is severley bugged. I had to change my phone's font back to default, because I couldn't read the chat in game. Even at default font, it will occasionally be unreadable in game.
  7. Are the rogues just like in WS, where they can stealth gank? How are the warlock classes? What server are you guys on, and what are your character names? Yours and Dac's?
  8. They should put the vendor in all towns as well.
  9. Thanks. Where's your bald headed toon been? Haven't seen you lately in my elf ganking runs.
  10. Sounds like a 3d version of warspear. Meaning similar skill sets? Is it a big download? I might try it after work. I am currently beta testing another MMORPG called The Secret World. It like it's predecesor, Age Of Conan, have the best graphics in any mmo. Too bad we can' t play it on the phone though. Would be nice to have while sitting on the pot.
  11. Why pick a side? I started out on elf faction and have a lvl 17 BD and 16 ranger. Not going to advance them anymore. I found I like the classes on the MC side more. Shaman is the bomb for solo gank runs on elf side, I prefer using him over my rogue now.
  12. If they have half a brain, they will lower their prices after they notice noone bought their over-priced item after 24 hrs.
  13. Right here. I attach it to phone via wires. LOL
  14. Sorry to lose you dac. I saw screenshots of that game, and it's another asian kiddy anime looking mmo to me (ones i won't play on my computer). Seeing the fluffy bunnies immediately turned me off. I have another beta key for The Secret World if you want to try that. Alot of older people on that, 30+ in age.
  15. Yea, how the heck am I supposed to use my physical keyboard for this game??? Bring back the original.
  16. GW2 is supposed to have great pvp. Just hopefully not the auto-fire crap again. Age of Conan has the best combat.
  17. LMAO Manley, too funny. I've never heard of most of those people, and the ones i have, don't they just sit and chat most of the time? Haha Eisha, i need to make a new picture to post. I haven't gotten this forum name banned yet :rofl:
  18. GW2 is not out till end of June or sometime in July. The Secret World is out next month as well.
  19. Moonlight is noob :)
  20. Change your sig bro. Your rogue is lvl 18 now haha
  21. Hey it's the perez mcoin machine!! Wazzzup?!?! I suggest your clan all wear the red dresses with blue beards.
  22. Better get some new duds, a haircut and cut out the carbs for a month straight before you go. Can't go visit her with that belly and hitler look you are sporting down in the bayou. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  23. Jaw is too busy trying to look cool smoking, rather than playing this game ;D
  24. Didn't the devs tone down rogue stealth. due to player complaints? How long did that take to get done? Now how long have people being asking for ranger blessing to be toned down in comparison?
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