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  1. Do some interesting with my wife :blush:
  2. Dear Development team off Warspear to the point yaaa. please fix that problem for symbian when i log on to game always caching and caching again. even have complete caching but when i click "Play" caching and caching again. i do that all day.... u cant imagine that? i dont know how many caching i did :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: thanks Itilz lvl 20 rogue shapire
  3. last download is warspear_3 Itilz - Rogue
  4. i don't care with good def good heal and etc... i always play in minority players there :spiteful: only 1 reason " i hate crowded place" :wacko:
  5. game always lagging after update... please fix this problem
  6. inisiatif


    :fool: still fix the user problem about ranger. to high damage and imbalance character. what a dissapointed update :mega_shok:
  7. how about enchant system and amplify system? hard then WS or not?
  8. ah that's for high lvl... so i can say good luck my bratha... take many gear as you can ... good luck... :drinks: :good:
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