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  1. 24 hrs. Of update is passed yet none of gm has informed about problem status of symbiam. Atleast let us know when we can play again. I dont like play on pc. Pls do something fast.
  2. Lol what a noob ranger op hahahaha. I think then you should start playing ranger then see how challenging to play ranger
  3. Yes high level and rich playes behave rudley to noobs. Today i got genie quest some high level player were farming there. I was asking for help for 1 hr. But they didnt even say any word they just keep on farming. Later one said they will help if i pay 500 gold per player .they were 5 of them mean 2500 gold wtf.
  4. There is no update all this is underdevelopment till next year. A virus has corrupted there programming >:D Wait till dec. 2012 ty for your patience
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