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  1. Each character loses half of the energy regeneration during the fight, but the beastmaster will hit more. Is that how it should work? If so, can I ask for some way to improve the performance? I already have great relic of energy stability.
  2. This dg so hard for me... Any tip how pass this stage? I go through all the others without any problems
  3. 4 relic slot = 4 relic type? Defensive, ofensive, empowering and what is the fourth type?
  4. That's not what the question is about, but if I already have a defensive relic and use a different defensive relic then what? I won't be able to change if the first one disappears and the second one will be in its place?
  5. Hi! I have a question, how do relics work? I can use 4 types for each skill: offensive, defensive and empowering but what about last place? What type of relics can I use so that I have already used them will not be canceled?
  6. What i can do With this key and where is "Sunken Ship"? For moderator: Yes, I know this is a bad place but I don't know how to delete a post, sorry
  7. Hello! Does anyone know which relic should you have? I need a list without which the relics ranger is weak and needs to have them. Thanks for help 😉
  8. Hello! I do 18lvl arena warlock and want buy 3/4 expert skills. Which should I buy for sure to be OP?🤔
  9. Tank is good class in warspear? if it's worth playing a tank that's the best one? He can win pvp with healer or dmg class?
  10. HELLO! I already have Ranger lvl 17 but I want to play a different character. who do you recommend? I do not know yet which characters to play. mage / hunter / druid? Who is the best for pvp and pve?
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