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  1. Award for outstanding achievement in the battles of Arena As a reward for completing the Arena season, players will receive unique costumes for first places in their category ok now i understand.. the costume are given only to the players who owned arena top 1 in PREVIOUS arena season.. so thats mean players like Hassn and Dacronik are given I guesss.. coz just now i rank 1and I didnt receive any costume.. welll congrats to them.
  2. devs.. you didnt care about players at EU or even VN server, do you? Its hard to fight at 5x5 arena fighting since we have less number of players..sometime its take 15 minutes to demand... wth? You only look RU Topaz and RU Amber's side which have a lots of player...and easy to demand 5x5 ..now I just got 15 points when I win at 2x2 (11-14 arena fighting),before its 30+ points. You force your players to buy more and more arena tickets. :facepalm: now it takes time to buy arena weapon cost 5k points,e since the point reward are less than before for now.
  3. :yahoo: thanksssss Im so happyyy trololol..! :yahoo:
  4. update? :facepalm: oh nooo.. why too early?? I need to spend my arena points for buying spheres.. rather than converted to gold after this update.. please says it only maintenance :)
  5. Well i want the ranking also reset it.. will be unfair if they dont make it that way.. if not we already know who will receive a costume at 1st place which mean the person is Hassn n Dacronik. (EU). though its hard to achieve to rank 1. :)
  6. just imagine when Hassn's arena points are converted to gold.. OMFG.. maybe he will get 10000000000m :wacko: and he will be rich in both currency.. miracle coins and gold.. Hassn rules EU!!! LOL :crazy: :crazy: :wacko:
  7. LOL I thaught its Lvl18 arena equips.. but Hell No its for Lvl 17. but nevermind I already had set lvl 18 armour..which more good than arena item I guess.. :)
  8. well it has 3 mistery reward..I got bow for level 5 n i did see the other two were staff level 15 and level 15 bow. this updte only for low level though.. so boring... About the holiday bag , 100% gives Amber Pumpkin Pieces.. its annoying wth.. the reward quest for it just give low level item... i want costume .. where are the costume? i already open 100 holiday bag and its give a lot of amber pumpkin ** so hell..i have like 130+ of it in my bag.. n its from holiday bag... but i do.like the copper,platinum,gold,silver bar from holiday bag:) i sell to merchant and my gold goes 643g to 11k+ I want to.know what Black Jack drop? the.new boss at a.a?
  9. yess i got one but for lvl 5 .hve sun dmge crit and accuracy. Looks like a swept.
  10. New Arena season The preparation for the new Arena season, which you'll see in the nearest updates. There will be a restriction on the maximum number of points, and any remaining points will be converted into gold. But now, in the Arena shop were introduced consumables for the restoration of energy and health, which are available for points. i like this.. so that those who have high arena point not straight away buy those arena item. need to start from beginning like others players. so its fair. guess a lot of players will fight againts Hassn lol. or other rich amped plyers xD. everybody will busy selling tickets .
  11. Unbinding personal items By popular demand, the game has a new service of unbinding personal items, so now you'll be able to give them to other players. This service only works with the piece of equipment and weapons with “Binds when equipped” attribute. In this case, all of the improvements (crystals, runes, amplification) are cleared and the item loses its durability. is this mean we are force to turn back our item from +10 to +0 if we want sell them? nice jokess. so all the money i spent to this game are useless.
  12. Thanks Kuzmitch.. I can't wait to get those level 18 gears.. Haha ! No more people says 'MC has more level 18 drops than Elves' and bla blaaa... but with different ways... everybody will get it soon :)
  13. I want to search the sellers for: 1.BG Despite set(for my warlock) Shoes and Gloves.>Mc/forsaken side. 2.BG Endurance set(for my Bladedancer)Shoes and Gloves>Elf/Chosen side. 3.BG Revenge set(for my Ranger)Shoes and Gloves>Elf/chosen side. 4.BG belt for warlock level 15. 5.BG sword for Bladedancer.(need 1) 6.BG staff for warlock. Anyone will sell this please pm me to this account. EU-Emerald only k. Buy with Sign..
  14. I think its a PVP island with respawn statue there..with quest same like The Strongest maybe? And whats that green things? Is it portal? Lol it will be like Astral Labyrinth..the different is the way is using portal?we hve to find the way to Boss Hydra? OMG..im confuse :D just wait till the update.. :P
  15. Omg.. Before maintenance my Mage was level 10. And now i can see mIne already level 12. ! Haha lol thanks anyway for fixing everythings :D
  16. Still dont have approval from nokia and apple? Will we wait until next week or? I hope today is update cant wait omg
  17. Ofcourse Deathknight will win. Coz Paladin is just supporter classes. I think GM create this classes is to balance the tanker classes.. Deathknight and Bladedancer is a very good tanker because both of them have good skill for boss.Dk have Dark SHield that same like Sap Bd. The future skill of Paladin is perhaps just skill that increase defend or skill that protect party member and all of the skill is for support the healer.Thats why Paladin has Skill that increase healing effect.
  18. OMG OMG.!! i cant wait.. Please release it now! I want to explore the 1st city of chosen n forsaken, it must be beautifull and I wish i can meet Pig?? Lol Anyway I want to take this oppurtunities to say to All Muslim players/dev..Happy Fasting ! :)
  19. hmm nvermind,, the screenshots was deleted now, dk why... :)
  20. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=36.4980 is this new weapon for new classes?
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