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  1. just here to express my support to the guys who have already complained about new agro system


    My question is how do u expect a healer to heal the "tank" then heal him self coz boss just went mad coz you healed the tank and he comes to take 'revenge' with the healer first.. like he saying how dare you heal him you mafo XD

    p.s. boss of new area in map4 hit really hard :(

    how I know?? .... No comments :/

  2. Ok so as the title says this topic is about undone achievements I don't know if they are bugged or something else but these are mine two achievements which I am still unable to get them done ss attached



    Please comment regarding your un done achievement or suggestions through which these can be done...


  3. This is the real scenario of spring event right now....

    Honestly the concept at beginning I felt was bit complicated but also good team work requirements where needed. Also not many knew how to start the event at the beginning :/


    But later I just felt its kinda difficulty to find so many ppl with same mind set I.e. killing Dora after going through all the pain again n again.... specially in my server where many lazy ppl are filled in xd .


    I hope you guys understand that we ppl like farming in team but not involving such huge number of ppl in it :(


  4. I already said our so called "stun guns" are resisted by boss n songs only work if use it wisely and they ain't much of help adding to it screen bug is a old thing in war spear


    I just wish they give us equal opportunity but what is just injustice to our side

  5. I understand in one of early updates gm said that expert skills won't work on any boss I.e. they ll' resist them but I recently came across this achievement kill the swamp slug and found out its very difficult to kill it without necro skill. My question is why are there expert skills working on boss like slug and why aren't of elfs??

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